Halloween candy jar

Update!!! I have a new tutorial with step-by-step instructions here:

Halloween Candy Jar

Hi everyone! Are you ready to start decorating for Halloween? Well here’s a fun, easy, and inexpensive craft to make. A few years ago I made a candy jar but couldn’t find it after we moved, so this past weekend my son and I made a new one.
I spray painted the pot, saucer, and knob then glued (with e6000) the vase onto the pot. It was a little bare so I added the ribbon, which completed the whole look. This candy jar is super simple and very inexpensive. You can find all of these items at the dollar store or local craft store.
Note: The lid doesn’t get glued onto the glass jar (and don’t paint the inside). You can easily refill the jar when you’re little monsters have eaten all the candy. :)
The last time I made one I added a lot of details and glitter, this time around I wanted something simple and I actually like it a lot better. If you make one send me a link, I’d love to see your version. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. says

    I really thought this was a cute idea!! I put this on my Instagram with credit of course!! Anyways I thought this would be cute to have one for each holiday or special occasion!

    • Crystal Owens says

      Yes! Make sure you don’t paint the inside of the lid so your candy isn’t exposed to it. Then you lift the top off and close it back up. :)

    • Brandi Dickerson says

      Why would you not be able to get the candy out? You glue the bottom of the vase to the upside down bottom of the pot, and then the lid just sits on top of the vase. Unless you glued the lid as well?

  2. linda baron says

    what is e6000 glue, and where do you find it craft store , walmart, hardware store? please let me know that jar is so darn cute

  3. Clara says

    I made a bubblegum machine like this years ago when my son was about 5 he’s now 29. Easy to make and just looks pretty!!

      • Brandi Dickerson says

        We found a vase we liked and then found a pot that matched the size when the vase sat on it. So, I assume you could make it as big, or as small as you want, depending on what size vase you wanted to you.

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