Paper Ornaments

I’m officially on Christmas mode. It’s all I can think of now that Thanksgiving has passed. Of course that means I have a million Christmas craft projects running through my head and just not enough time to do. Please tell me I’m not the only one that stays up in bed thinking of ideas, hoping you’ll remember them come morning?
One of my recent late night ideas consisted of ways to gift wrap. I kept thinking of these paper medallions so I made a bunch of them to hang as ornaments. My plan is to eventually use them for gifts with the persons initial in the center. 
To make these cut your paper into strips 1.5in wide
 Fold every half or quarter inches accordion style. The blue one above is folded every 1/2in, the sheet music one if folded every 1/4in.
 Glue the ends together, press down, and glue the center together with hot glue. You may need to hold it in place for a minute or two while the glue hardens.
Glue on a circle, tie some string onto it, and you’re done! 
Instead of using bows you could add these to your wrapped gift. Simple and so many options available. 
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  1. Catherine and clan (aka catnz) says

    What a great idea and so simple. Just wondering if you used something that was pre-cut to go in the middle or did you create that too? Thanks, C


    Very beautiful your blog many congratulations for your work I leave an embrace of friendship you

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