LOVE Pillow

After I labeled everything I possibly could with my DIY Chalkboard Labels, there was still a large roll of contact paper left over. Scrambling my brain for ideas it occurred to me that contact paper might make a good stencil. I figured vinyl works great as stencil why not contact paper? You can only imagine my excitement when it worked. Ahhh think of the possibilities. Inexpensive DIY contact paper stencils galore! Maybe you’re thinking duh Crystal where have you been? But I had no idea. So I was excited to make a Valentine’s Day LOVE Pillow out of it.
My inspiration for this pillow came from the I <3 NY logo and LOVE sculpture.
To make your own contact paper stencil cut out your design and use the negative portion. I played around with different fonts using my cricut but you could use an X-ACTO knife if you don’t own a cutting machine.
You don’t need fabric ink either. Just mix any acrylic paint with fabric medium (equal parts).
To make the slipcover affix your stencil onto the fabric
Using a foam pouncer dab the paint on, letting each letter dry completely before moving onto the next.
It’s a little hard to see in the picture but the heart has glitter paint on top of the red acrylic paint. A girls gotta have glitter right? :)
FYI this zippered pillow cover is from the dollar store. This was the last one but I’m hoping they get more in. So run to your dollar store and see if they have any left.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a fabulous weekend!
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