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What I’m Loving: Paper Crafts

Paper Flowers
Paper flowers to be more specific, I can’t get enough of them. Last week during my regular Barnes and Noble trip I sipped on my favorite frappuccino, pulled up a chair, and skimmed through the scrapbook magazines. I was amazed at all the creative handmade cards featured. Then I started noticing all sorts of paper flowers. There were flowers on nearly every page. Maybe it’s because Spring is approaching, but the flower possibilities are endless and I want to try every single technique out there! I quickly purchased my new favorite magazine and headed to the craft store for scrapbook paper. I then spent the weekend making my daughter some new wall art for her room. The entire thing is made out of paper and I can’t wait to show it to you!

In the meantime I made some yellow paper flowers to add a bit of color around the house. With low 70 degree weather and the flowers starting to bloom, it’s practically Spring around here. While the flowers aren’t quite ready to be picked from the garden, these little beauties will get the job done for now.

 To make the paper flowers into a center piece I glued them onto a skewer. I then took a mason jar and wrapped twine around it just like I did with my spray painted jars.
What are some of your favorite paper crafts? Do you use an embossing machine? I really like the texture it adds to paper crafting but I’m clueless on which is the best out there.

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