Champions for Kids: Energizer Light Up A Life Kits

Hi guys! Before we kick off our giveaway week I would like to take a few minutes to talk about an important campaign that I’m a part of. I am excited to partner with Energizer and Champions For Kids to help children in my community. If you haven’t heard about Champions for Kids it’s an organization that is trying to mobilize millions to help improve the lives of children in every community. Their goal is to help mobilize 20 million people by 2020.
This morning I had to remind my son to put a jacket on because it was cold outside. As I bundled my toddler up I realized just how fortunate we are to have these basic necessities. But what about all of the children in our community who can’t afford warm clothes? What about other winter safety necessities?  
Sometimes it’s hard to explain to my children just how blessed we are to have a home, running water, food, electricity, and warm clothes. To teach my children I bring them along to the Rescue Mission when we donate food and supplies. This gives them a new point of view on just how many people out there really need help. I hope that by having my children experience this they will learn the importance of giving.
Did you know that over 9 million children suffer from non-fatal injuries each year, and accidents are the leading cause of death for children? Additionally, dangerous weather events cause hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries every year. 
70% of power outages in the U.S. are weather related. Numerous power failures are caused by natural weather phenomena such as lightening, rain, snow, ice, wind, and even dust. 
The Center of Disease Control recommends having a kit ready in preparation for any emergency that may arise. They recommend the kit include food, water, a flash light, extra batteries, medications, a first aid kit, sanitation and personal hygiene items, copies of personal documents, and other necessities.
I wish I could buy the basic necessities for every child out there. But as Mother Teresa said If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” What if all of us put together one kit to donate? Think of how big of an impact something so small can make if we all do this together. 

This week I will be shopping for my Energizer Care Kit to donate to a local shelter. I would like to include some winter necessities like a blanket, gloves, socks, and hat. Some other items I will include are flashlights, hygeine products, sanitizer, water, snacks, band aids, books, crayons and coloring books. I will post an update later this month. I also encourage each and everyone one of you to make a kit as well. Think of how many children we can help if we all make just one kit. If you do please share your experience with us. I would love to hear about it.

To learn more please visit
Champions for Kids Website, Twitter, Facebook 
Energizer Website, Twitter, Facebook
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  1. Tonia L says

    I love that quote by Mother Teresa! It reminds me of "No one can do everything but everyone can do something!" I look forward to hearing about your experience!

  2. April Decheine says

    It is crazy sometimes when I have looked at my own children and found myself thinking how fortunate they are and how many are in such need. Shelters can use all the support they can get, I look forward to seeing your kit next week! Great job!

  3. Christy @ Insanity Is Not An Option says

    I love this mission! I love you intentions here and am glad that you are giving back within your own community! That quote from Mother Teresa hit home for me! I had never heard that one! So powerful!

  4. Rachel {} says

    I love that quote about feeding the one!!! So true!!! I think it's great that you are giving to a shelter!!!

  5. Terri says

    So important, including your children in sharing and caring about those who need in your community! I'm excited to see the kits you create! Thank you for sharing this important campaign :)

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