Washi Tape Chalkboard Clipboard

I’ve wanted to make a chalkboard clipboard for awhile, pinterest has an abundance of uses for them. I especially like the idea of using chalkboard vinyl in case I ever get tired of it. A couple weeks ago I thought about using a chalkboard clipboard for my sons chores. My plan was to add the chalkboard vinyl and embellish it a little. I had some washi tape within site so I started adding it around the vinyl. I immediately liked the look so I added a second layer. I couldn’t tell if it was too plain and needed something else or if I should leave it the way it is. So as usual I asked my husband, who by the way I’m sure loves giving me crafting advice. ;)

He thought it looked nice until I told him it was a chore chart for our son. The first thing he said was that it was too girly and that I can’t put that up in his room (you know in case a friend comes over). I liked the washi tape so much I didn’t even realize it was too girly for my son. Instead of taking the washi tape off I decided to keep it for myself.

To make the chalkboard clipboard I used:

Chalkboard vinyl (found at Hobby Lobby)

$1 clipboard

washi tape (SMASH brand found at Walmart on clearance for $1 each).

I think it would have made the perfect locker accessory back in high school or even a cute teacher gift. Now that those days are long behind me I plan to incorporate it in my craft space somehow.

 Want to see another cute washi tape clipboard? Check out the checkerboard clipboards my friend Ginger made a few months ago, they’re pretty awesome!


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    I LOVE this! I have a bunch of washi tape that I just don’t know what to do with and this may be the ticket. i just snagged 5 clipboards at Goodwill and I have chalkboard paint in the garage! My daughter would love to help make this! Thanks for the great inspiration

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    What a wonderful idea! I never would have thought of turning a plain ‘ole clipboard into a chalkboard! And the washi tape adds the perfect touch! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

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    Would you believe I have never played with Washi Tape! I have approximately 30 of these clip boards that I use in my Tastefully Simple business parties, perhaps they all need to be pimped out Washi style!

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    Love it! Washi tape is perfect for this! I hope you will link up tomorrow to The CSI Project starting tomorrow. The challenge is Back to School Projects. You just might win. Each week is a new challenge with 3 tutorials, giveaway and a fun guest judge.
    Come on over!

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    I love this project – super cute! I’ve seen all of your awesome crafts around the linkups – now I’m visiting from Thee Networking Blog Hop. I’m now a follower & looking forward to seeing more great ideas :)


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