Halloween Treats: Candy Tubes

Halloween is right around the corner and you may not be thinking about Halloween treats just yet but I’m excited to share a few ideas with you over the next month. Today I’m sharing with you my Halloween Candy Tubes.

Halloween Treats: Candy Tubes

The Lifestyle Crafts second Fall core collection was just released and I was excited to try out a few new dies. But of course I’m always excited about the Lifestyle Crafts releases. In fact my son dropped my entire collection of dies on the floor this past weekend, which meant I had to reorganize them. Going through them made me remember about some cute dies I haven’t used in awhile. I have to say this is the first time that a huge mess actually turned into a crafting session (which of course almost always ends in a big mess..but that’s another story). As I was saying Lifestyle Crafts released their second shipment of the Fall Core Collection and the dies are adorable. Take a look…

Besides the Doily Rosette die my favorites are the Lattice Doily and Flower Pinwheel dies.

Lifestyle Crafts Rosette Die

I was excited to try out the Doily Rosette die because we all know how I love paper rosettes. The rosette die has a cute flare that’s perfect for party decor, cupcake toppers, or in this case for Halloween favors. I used the Doily Rosette die, Martha Stewart stickers, candy test tubes found at Michaels, and bakers twine from The Twinery to create these Halloween treats.

Halloween Candy Tubes

To make the candy tubes I cut the die out, glued it together and added a sticker to the center. I glued the paper rosette onto the tube, making it easy to remove and reuse if needed. To finish it off I tied a black and green bakers twine bow on top. Very simple and the possibilities are endless! Think about the party banners and favors you could customize with this die!

Halloween Party Favors

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