Mod Podge Fabric Pumpkins

I seem to be in the middle of a pumpkin decorating craze. So far I’ve decorated seven pumpkins and it’s not even October! My new Mod Podge Fabric Pumpkins are the perfect addition to the ever growing pumpkin collection around my home.

Fabric Pumpkins

A few weeks ago I received a box full of Mod Podge products that I’m excited to use throughout the holiday season. Take a look at all this awesome stuff! I can’t wait to use the glitter dimensional magic and photo transfer Mod Podge for Christmas gifts.

With my new mod podge and som dollar store pumpkins I made BOO pumpkins for my living room.

Fabric Pumpkin

Want to make fabric pumpkins of your own? Well here’s an easy fabric pumpkin tutorial to help you get started.

Mod Podge
Hot Glue

Begin by cutting strips of fabric (mine were 1.25 inch wide). Make sure you cover your working surface, this is a messy project!

Dip your fabric into the mod podge, making sure it’s fully soaked. I found that it’s easier to work with and smooth air bubbles out if the fabric is heavily coated with Mod Podge. For this project I used the Outdoor Mod Podge because my initial plan was to set them on my porch, but matte would work great too.

Start at the top and lay your fabric down, smoothing any bubbles along the way.

Once you’re finished allow them to dry. I chose to paint my stem black, this optional but I think it helped give it a finished look. Then of course I had to add something extra so I found these black wooden letters at Michaels to spell out BOO on the pumpkins. A little glitter ribbon gave them the cute, girly look I was looking for.

Mod Podge Pumpkins

This is a great way to transform those dollar store pumpkins that aren’t so pretty on the outside but hold infinite possibilities.

BOO Pumpkins

Now to figure out where to place them. I’m in the middle of a living room makeover and am having a hard time deciding where I want my Halloween display. I also can’t decide if I like them on top of the black fabric or not. What do YOU think looks best?

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