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This year for Halloween we decided to have the younger two dress up with a theme in mind (my oldest was set on being Batman). The only problem was my daughter insisted on being Tinkerbell and we couldn’t find a Peter Pan costume anywhere. She didn’t want me to make the costume, nor did she want just any Tinkerbell costume..she wanted a specific costume we came across back in September. Almost everyday she would ask if we could go buy her Tinkerbell costume so that she could go trick-or-treating. I was a tad bit crushed she didn’t want me to make her a costume but I did see it as an opportunity to get creative with the little one’s costume.

Toddler Peter Pan Costume

Well, I was so busy the week leading up to Halloween that I actually didn’t start making his costume until the day of. Yup, you heard me right. I dyed the pants in the morning, which were neon green leggings from Target by the way (shhh…please don’t tell him when he’s older). Then I decided I didn’t have much time to follow a tutorial so I made one up. I’ve never made a costume and my sewing skills are still at beginner level so I was crossing my fingers and toes that it would come together. I ended up take one of his shirts then tracing the outline slightly larger and sewing the pieces together. The result? Total cuteness! Naturally I was thrilled that the costume turned out just like I envisioned it. Now you would think I’d have a million cute pictures to show you, right? WRONG! The little cutie would NOT let me take his pictures. He kept giggling and running away. After a hard battle I gave up but I did share this collage on instagram. I wish I had some cute ones from my Nikon, but it was just not happening. *sigh* Maybe next year I’ll get some awesome pictures of their costumes and enter them in a costume contest like this year’s Shutterfly Howl-O-Ween photo contest.

Shutterfly Giveaway

Have you heard about the contest and entered on facebook? It ends today (11/7) so hurry on over for a chance to win some sweet prizes.

Grand  Prize:  A  free  2-­‐night  stay  for  a  family  of  4  at  any
Great  Wolf  Lodge,  $500  value  +  $200  Shutterfly  Gift
First  Place:  (1)  Shutterfly  Gift  Certificate  for  $250
Second  Place:  (1)  2nd  prize:  Shutterfly  Gift  Certificate  for
Third  Place  (1)  3rd  Prize:  Shutterfly  Gift  Certificate  for
But before you do I have a special treat for one lucky reader. Shutterfly wants to give a $75 gift certificate to one of YOU! To enter use the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. Dawn says

    Hi, just came across your blog from Pinterest and oh my goodness I am so hungry now, your desserts look fabulous! I do not have Facebook (I know, who doesn’t! But with three littles under 5 it just sucked up too much of my time) so I couldn’t enter the Howl o Ween contest. However, I still had to comment to let you know that your blog is awesome and I cannot wait to make those ‘turtles’ and the snickers cheesecake mmmmmmm! : D

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