New Year’s Vellum Confetti Envelopes

Hi friends, I hope you had a great Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with family. This month went by so quickly and I’m not sure I was ready for the holiday season to end. But now that Christmas has passed we are looking forward to 2013 and all that it has in store for our family. I’m working on a few New Years Eve Crafts for the kids, including the vellum confetti envelopes I’m sharing with you today.

DIY Confetti

These confetti envelopes are SO easy to make and cost me less than $5 for ten envelopes.

New Years Crafts for kids

To make them I enlisted the help of my oldest for the DIY confetti part. I remember when my little sister and I realized we could make our own colorful confetti with a hole punch. We stayed up really late that night hole punching sheet after sheet of construction paper. The next day we surprised my mom by  throwing it in the air as she walked out of her room. Luckily it was her birthday or she might have been less than thrilled about the mess. Sheesh I must have been around 8-9 years old then, but its memories like this that I love!

To make the confetti we used a regular and 3/4in hole punch and glitter cardstock paper. I stamped the envelopes with Ranger archival ink and my dollar Happy New Year stamp, then filled them with the confetti. I thought it would be fun to have a couple of different things for the kids so a few of them have basket filler inside. Just in case you’re wondering I found the vellum envelopes at hobby Lobby and the stamp is from the Michaels dollar bins. The envelopes actually seal so there wasn’t a need for glue or tape but washi tape would look really cute on the back!

New Years Crafts for kids

So are you excited about 2013?

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