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Hey guys! I want to share with you a fun new app for preschoolers that my daughter is currently in love with. I don’t know about you but we always take our iPad on long road trips. There are only so many car games and books we can read for hours straight, so the iPad definitely comes in handy on long trips. Before our trip to Southern California last weekend I quickly downloaded the free Kidaptive Leo’s Pad app that is geared towards preschoolers. Its my daughters new favorite! She adores Leo (young Leonardo da Vinci) and his dragon.

I quickly showed my daughter her way around but other than that she’s been able to master it like a pro. I was actually quite surprised by how well she was able to interact with the activities in the app. Some of the features we enjoy the most are the interactive games that help my daughter learn shapes, colors, numbers, and identify letters. Her favorite is creating Leo’s friend, Galileo, a birthday card with the paint and stickers options. My personal fave is an activity that requires here to hold and tilt the iPad to fly towards the number they ask you to. The best part about the app is that the comprehensive curriculum adapts to your child’s skill level.

apps for preschoolers

There is a specific activity that the child completes with an adult to identify and spell out three letter words. This is the hardest for her since she is still learning letter identification and sometimes has trouble finding the letters in the stars. Oh and did I mention the story is adorably cute? This particular activity involves Leo and his friend looking at the starts through a telescope your child helps build by putting together a puzzle in the previous scene. I like how the story flows like a cartoon but each piece is put together with the help of your child. Essentially they are watching an interactive episode while learning. Who doesn’t love that?

Leo's Pad app

The app is designed for preschoolers, which is perfect for our 3 1/2 year old as we get her ready to enter school this Fall. Soon there will be a “For Grown-ups” section in the app that will allow parents to track their child’s progress. I’m looking forward to this function to see how well she is improving in a few areas she’s not quite able to perform without assistance.

apps for preschoolers

We are battling the flu again so there’s been a lot of couch sitting this week and sometimes that means wearing a skirt with pants. :) She’s been asking to play this app continuously and since we enjoyed it so much we went ahead and purchased the second episode. If you have young children who enjoy playing iPad games then I highly recommend you give Leo’s Pad a try. Its a cute story with interactive educational activities that are sure to keep your child engaged.


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