Crayon Box Valentines

One of my favorite things about having a die cutting machine is that I can usually whip up small gifts for the kids for every holiday and special events. As I mentioned before my mother always made holidays a big deal for my sisters and I. OK let’s face it, she still gives us small gifts on special holidays. I’m pretty sure I asked my mom to stop when I turned 18 but I don’t think she got the memo. HA! Who am I kidding? I don’t think I’ll be able to stop once my kids turn 18. The thought of them growing up scares me and turns me into one emotional mama so I’m going to pretend they’re going to stay this little awhile longer by creating new memories with activities to do for every holiday as long as possible. With the help of my Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette double-sided adhesive I made the kids Crayon Box Valentines to give them on Thursday.

DIY Crayon Box Valentines

We plan to spend the day making crafts and going on a Valentine scavenger hunt, so I thought the crayons would be a fun gift for them. Its something sweet, simple, and practical. Its also a non-candy Valentine idea that I’m sure I’ll continue to reuse for years to come.

DIY Crayon Box Valentines

If you don’t have a die cutting machine you can use a crayon box as a template to trace onto thick cardstock. Then glue the sides together (you’ll be able to see the left and right side tabs overlapped where they were glued). Also note that the Crayon Box Valentines I made held 8 crayons, not 24 like a standard crayon box. You can find smaller 8 pack crayon boxes or make them with the 24 pack at most stores.

DIY Crayon Box Valentines

1. To make the crayon box valentines cut your box out of cardstock.

DIY Crayon Box Valentine

2. I then cut various decorative heart shapes out of the Silhouette double-sided adhesive. Again you could buy the double-sided adhesive and trace your shapes or use a punch to cut the shapes out.

DIY Crayon Box Valentines

3. Remove the top layer and add glitter.

DIY Crayon Box Valentines

4. Use the brush that comes in the kit to remove the excess glitter.

DIY Crayon Box Valentines

5. Then glue your tabs together to close your crayon box. Now it’s ready to be filled with colorful crayons!

DIY Crayon Box Valentines

This is a great non-candy valentine idea that can also be used as a birthday gift or party favors.

DIY Crayon Box Valentines

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Silhouette double sided adhesive

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DIY Crayon Box Valentines


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    I had a bunch of boxes of crayons that I was going to use for Valentine’s for my son’s class since I didn’t want to send candy. Sadly, creativity didn’t hit and I made a goldfish treat instead. They were super cute and I will still have the crayons for next year so I might have to do something like yours :)

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