DIY Lavender Mason Jar Candles

DIY Lavender Mason Jar Candles // Happy Friday friends! Are you ready for the weekend? We have basketball games and a few projects to work on around the house. I’ll have to sneak in some crafting time as well because I have a few more Valentine’s Day ides to share with you. Today I’m taking a step back from the Valentine crafts to share with you this diy lavender mason jar candle. If you haven’t tried candle making you’ll be surprised by how easy it can be. Candle making is a great way to create customized candles to give as gifts or to fill your home with. Candles can be made in a variety of glasses or containers, mason jars happen to be my favorite for this craft.

Mason Jar Candles DIY

I like to use soy wax and soy wicks when making my own candles. Soy wax can be found at your local craft store or ordered online on eBay or etsy. The best part about candle making is that you can infuse the candle with any scent you’d like. There are plenty of ways to naturally color and scent candles as well. For this project I used a vanilla fragrance from the craft store then added my own lavender to the wax.

To make your own mason jar candles you will need:

soy wax

soy wicks


double boiler/microwave safe container



1. Using a double boiler melt your wax until the temperature reaches 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit. I used a large glass pyrex measuring cup and about 2 cups of shaved soy wax for one mason jar candle.

2. While the wax is melting glue your wick to the mason jar. Hot glue works great but you can use glue dots or  tacky wax to hold the wick in place.

3. Remove from heat and allow wax to cool to 125 degrees. Once it has cooled to 125 degrees add scent. I used a couple of drops of vanilla fragrance oil and stirred lavender into the wax.

4. Pour wax into mason jar. The wax may cause your wick to lean and you may need to help position the wick in the center at this point. I used two wooden skewers and laid them on both sides of the wick. This helps prevent your wick from shifting.

5. Allow wax to harden overnight then trim wick to a 1/4 inch.

Mason Jar Candles DIY

That’s it! Candle making is pretty simple once you try it and you’ll keep wanting to try new candle scents and techniques as you go. Also please note that the twine is for decorative purposes and will not be used when lit. Its also important to keep candles away from children and to trim your wick to a 1/4inch to avoid flickering. :)

Mason Jar Candles DIY

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this easy mason jar candle tutorial and give candle making a try.


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  1. says

    I love these! I don’t know if it will be soon, but this is a project that I’m definitely trying in the future!
    I like the twine bow, too (I bought some purple just like that from Pick Your Plum a week or two ago!)
    Thanks for the how-to! :)

  2. JaneEllen says

    What a great project and you make it look really doable even for a chicken that tends to stay in her comfort zone. Making candles has never been in my comfort zone but I’d love to try this. Candles are getting so expensive just for little votives even, gee whiz, 75 cents each for many at Walmart, for crying out loud. I’d really love to make some lavender candles, just need to find where I can get some lavender to put in them.
    So glad you shared this project. Guess I could use different containers to make the candles in.

  3. says

    Lavender is my favorite scent. When I loved in Pittsburgh, PA I had a large lavender plant that produced lots and lots of blooms. I have jars filled with lavender. It is surprising how long it lasts.
    Can’t wait to try this candle. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Hi Dree! I’ve been burning the candle for a few days and haven’t had a problem with the lavender at all. This was my first time using lavender in a candle so I’ll definitely let you know if I run into any issues with it. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    • Leslie says

      That would be wonderful! I just want to make a couple — one for Mother’s Day and one for a work friend (I call her my work mom). I recently purchased a 1-lb. bag of lavender for this, and I’d be happy to send some your way. :)

  4. says

    I love this idea!! Lavender is one of my favorite scents so I love how you added the dried lavender! Definitely will have to try this, though I think I’d try adding lavender fragrance too.

  5. says

    Hi I wanted to know where to pay dry Lavender and candle wicks & soy wax if you buy I it at Michaels craft store.
    And and also I don’t have skewers that wooden I have metal also can you use big mason jars?I
    I want to learn how to make Lavender it looks like fun.

    • Skarose says

      cut and tie lavender by limbs and hang upside down to dry. Check lavender farms in your area to buy. Your local Farmers Market is a great place to find it and get good information too!

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