How to make rhinestone leather bracelets

After I made the Mystery Braid Bracelets my daughter asked if I could make her one. I mentioned that I had several leftover and she could pick the color she wanted. Being the girly girl that she is she asked if I could make her a pretty mystery braid bracelet. Pretty to this almost 4 year old means bright and colorful. I’ll be honest I didn’t know how bright and colorful I could make a leather bracelet, but I was up for the challenge. I took her along to the craft store and found rhinestone rivets and leather flowers cut outs. Then we went home and I figured out the easiest way to add a rhinestone rivet to leather using a scrapbook tool I already had on hand.

Rhinestone leather mystery braid bracelet

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add rhinestone rivets to leather bracelets.


leather bracelets

rhinestone rivets

leather flower cut outs

Crop-A-Dile tool

Leather bracelet tutorial

Step one

Figure out where you want to punch your holes on the leather bracelet, make a small marking with a pen to make sure they align correctly or are evenly spaced out. Punch your holes using the Crop-A-Dile tool. This tool has two sizes (1/8th and 3/16th inch) so use the size that best fits your rhinestone rivets.

how to add a rhinestone rivet to leather bracelets

Step two

Once your holes are punched place the rhinestone rivet through the leather flower and bracelet then snap the bottom piece of the rivet to the back of the bracelet. It’s seriously THAT easy!

how to add a rhinestone rivet to leather bracelets

For the mystery braid bracelet I used a thick leather bracelet and made the braid before adding the rhinestones.

I also have a tutorial on how to make a leather mystery braid bracelet.

Mystery braid bracelet tutorial

The mystery braid bracelet ended up being too big for her to wear but she loved the flower leather bracelet! She even asked if I could add charms to it..hmmm I think I have a creative little one on my hands. I’m looking forward to creating with her as she grows, I have a feeling she’s going to be super crafty! Maybe she’ll even have her own craft blog someday. :)

The easiest way to add rhinestone rivets to leather bracelets

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