Rope Hurricane Vase {Nate Berkus Inspired}

Happy Friday, my friends! Did you have an awesome Fourth of July? We had a great time celebrating with family. Today I have a home decor tutorial to share with you and I couldn’t be more excited about how easy it is to make. This Nate Berkus inspired rope hurricane vase is perfect for a nautical themed mantle and only costs $3 to make!

Nautical Decor
We all know about my love for Target right? In the last few years their home decor has become quite impressive, especially the Threshold line..swoon! When they started carrying the Nate Berkus line I was a little hesitant since it’s typically not my style, but I do like his newer items. Especially the rope hurricane vases! I’ve been keeping my eye out for months waiting to see if they would go on clearance because at $19.99 and $24.99 a piece I really don’t have a need for them..I just want them. Instead of waiting for a possible price reduction I decided to make my own.

You guys these are SO easy to make, I can’t believe I didn’t make them sooner! No offense Target or Nate, but you can totally DIY this candle vase. I’ve had the supplies for about a month and finally got around to making them last weekend.


Vase from Dollar Tree

Rope from Hobby Lobby $1.50 (50% off sale)

Hot glue


Gold Nails

The twill was maybe 50 cents at Jo-Anns and I have enough for 3-4 vases, the rope comes in a spool from the ribbon aisle at Hobby Lobby, and the nails were $1.19 at Jo-Ann’s for 24. When you break it down it comes out to under $3 to make one vase. It’s definitely a budget-friendly home decor project!

sisal rope vase

To make the vase start by gluing the twill to the bottom of the vase. Make sure that the front of the twill is flipped on the bottom like in the picture. The rope will later hide the twill and make it appear as if the twill is wrapped around the rope. Does that make sense?

Wrap the rope around the vase using a thin line of glue along the way (you don’t want the glue to seep through the rope).

Before you finish the last rope section flip over the twill and glue it to the vase, making sure there’s room for the rope. Then glue the last piece of rope down to hide the glued twill.

Trim the nails with wire cutters (be VERY careful with this step as the piece can sometimes fly in the air after it’s been snipped). Glue the nail head to the twill and you’re done!

DIY Rope Vase

I’m so happy with the way they turned out!

DIY Rope Hurricane Vase

Thanks for stopping by!


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