How To Print Instagram Photos with an iPhone & Photoshop

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Instagram friends, let’s talk about printing instagram pictures shall we? I’m using my iPhone to take pictures of my kids way more than my Nikon these days. If you’re like me with over 2,000 pictures on your camera roll you don’t want to leave those captured memories sitting on your phone. I’ve wanted to print instagram and iphone pictures for awhile now and I’m so glad I’m finally incorporating them into my Project Life spreads. Today I’m going to share a quick tutorial on how to print Instagram photos with an iPhone and with Photoshop Elements. Plus, I’m sharing details on the fabulous new Instagram-friendly Project Life kit available on HSN this Tuesday, September 17th.

How to print instagram photos

HSN Just Add Color kit

On Tuesday HSN will be releasing a new exclusive Instagram Project Life bundle. You guys, this kit rocks my socks! The bundle includes an album, Just Add Color Core Kit, photo pocket pages, and stickers for one low price. The Just Add Color kit is available in limited qualities and is expected to sell out quickly. Why you might ask? Because it’s not available anywhere else and features instagram friendly cards and pocket pages sized at 2×2 and 4×4. In addition to the new card sizes you’ll also get the 4×6 inserts to use with this kit and existing albums you may be working on. There will also be a sale on the date and phrase stamps..these are my favorite!
Here’s what you’ll get in the Just Add Color edition:
-60 4×6 tittle cards
-20 4×6 journaling cards
-80 4×4 journaling cards
-400 2×2 filler cards
-80 basic cards
-20 sticker sheets

How to print pictures for Project Life

How to print iPhone pictures

To print 3×4 photos for Project Life albums I’ve put together a quick tutorial on how to do this using Photoshop elements.

How to size Project Life photos in photoshop

First open a new blank file (file -> new -> blank file). Size the file to a width of 6, height of 4, while making sure you’ve clicked inches. Set the resolution to 300 and make the background transparent. Then you’ll open your photos, make any edits you’d like then drag them over to your blank file.

how to size photos for Project Life

When dragging the picture down to resize you’ll see the height and width changing size on the top. You can manually adjust the size or keep making is smaller until you find the size you like best. You can add 6 pictures this way by sizing them to 2×2 inches then printing on a 4×6 print. Here I’m using two pictures which can be 3×4’s or smaller with a white border, which I prefer.

Resizing Project Life pictures

Once you’ve sized them to your liking click on “layer” then “flatten image.” Save as a jpg and you’re ready to print! Also, make sure you’re only saving the “blank file” not the individual pictures in case you want them in their original form later on.

Project Life picture tutorial

To print instagram photos from an iPhone download the PicFrame and Walgreens app. Open PicFrame and select the 3:2 ratio at the top right of the screen.

Printing pictures with PicFrame

On the third page you’ll find a 6 frame collage. Add your images then once you have adjusted the white border to your liking save and print the image with the Walgreens photo lab app.

Instagram Pictures

I learned the the photo app trick from my friend Nat who has a 3×4 tutorial on her site. While browsing the frames I saw they have a 6 frame collage that’s perfect for the new instagram kit.

This spread is a little out of my comfort zone with the mixed patterns and colors, but I think that’s while I like it so much. I used resized photos in the entire layout. They range between 2×2 inches to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches with borders. In this spread I’ve layered the cards and added stickers that will be included in the new kit. Project Life spread - instagram kit

This spread speaks my love language..simplicity! I really like how low key it is with vintage looking photos. These are photos I’ve shared on instagram then have sized in PicFrame with white borders. I kept this spread simple with the black and off-white theme. A few stickers and thickers are the only embellishments needed to complete the look I was going for. Oh and did I mentioned the black & white prints are on the BACK of the colorful prints? Genius, pure genius! I love that I can mix and match the colors with the exact same print on the back.

Instagram Project Life spread

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