Duck Tape Snowflake Ornament

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Hey guys! I have a few more projects to share that I’ve made over the last few weeks. I’m completely taken back by how quickly Christmas arrived this year. It’s flown by for us and I’m not ready for the holiday season to end. Next year I’ll have to create a roundup of the crafts I’ve recently made but I thought I would share them with you nonetheless. This Duck Tape® snowflake ornament was an easy kids crafts we made a few weeks ago. We made them to use as ornament gift tags for the grandma and grandpa. Duck Tape Snowflake Ornament Craft Supplies: Duck Tape®



glitter tape


die cut snowflakes

duck tape crafts We found a few leftover paper mache ornaments from last year that were left unfinished so we thought it would be great to cover them with Duck Tape®. My son and I are always looking for ways to use Duck Tape® but I was excited to try the holiday prints with my daughter. She loved the snowman and penguin prints! The Duck the Halls holiday prints available include seasonal sweets, snowman, holiday bows, and the cute little penguins. I had the kids pick their favorite print and helped them create their ornament gift tags.     duck tape Christmas craft   We used two strips of tape to cover the round paper mache ornament. We left a half in of tape on the sides that we trimmed with scissors. Once we had the tape on we used silver glitter tape around the ornament to help cover the area that we didn’t use Duck Tape® on.   kids snowflake ornament craft I then used a snowflake die to cut a variety of paper snowflakes for them to glue in the center. We also consider using large sticker letters for the recipients initials. Once they finished gluing on the snowflake I used my hot glue gun to add ribbon on top. Duck Tape Snowflake Ornament Craft

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