Handmade Snowball Ornament

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Now that December is here I’m finally getting into the holiday spirit and breaking out the Christmas crafts. This year I’m working on a mixture of burlap, white, and glitter decor. This has been my style preference for the last two years but I’m nowhere near having my tree completely filled. I’ve been working on handmade ornaments over the weekend, including this glitter snowball ornament.

Handmade Snowball OrnamentI was looking through my craft supplies to see what I could work with instead of running out to the craft store when I came across a container of DecoArt Snow-Tex. I’ve never used it before but I thought the kids would enjoy a few “snowball” ornaments on the tree this year. It doesn’t snow here in Central California so this is the closest they’re going to get to seeing a snowball for awhile. My four year was excited when she saw what I was making and as soon it was dry the little guy reached to grab it and yelled “snowball fight!” I think my oldest had something to do with that but I quickly distracted them from shattering my ornaments by offering cotton balls to throw at each other instead. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen them laugh so hard as they created blanket forts to hide behind and attacked each other with cotton snowballs.

To make the snowball ornaments I used:

DecoArt Snow-Tex

glass ornaments

foam brush

spray adhesive or decoupage




snowball ornament

I used a foam brush to foam brush to press the snow-tex onto the ornament. I tried to create a thin even layer by lightly spreading it with the brush. It took about 4 hours for the snow-text to dry completely. Once it was dry I lightly sprayed adhesive over the ornaments then covered the surface with white glitter.  To finish the ornament I hot glued a bow on top. While the dry process took longer than I expected, I was however pleasantly surprised with how easy snow-text is to work with. I definitely want to make a few more Christmas crafts with it this year.

handmade ornament

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    My first visit to your blog. I love decoArt and the Idea of a cottonball snowball fight so fun..
    I join and will be a follower, I am a Decoart Blogger and helping artist so we have a lot to share. Love your idea and ornament.
    Sharon Estes (Shadee66)

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