Homemade Apricot Sugar Scrub

Homemade apricot oil sugar scrub recipe. This three ingredient sugar scrub recipe is easy to make and makes a great last minute handmade gift.

Homemade Sugar Scrub RecipeHey crafty friends! Today I’m sharing a new sugar scrub recipe that I’ve been using for the last few weeks. I made this apricot sugar scrub before heading to Utah for a week and when I returned I couldn’t get enough of it. My poor hands, and skin overall, were severely dry after spending a week in the cold Utah air. This California girl is NOT used to those temperatures. My friends from the area mentioned that the temps were actually warm and they were enjoying them. Say what!?!? I’m pretty sure I stayed inside my hotel as much as possible that week.

As you know I’m a big fan of making my own sugar scrubs to help nourish dry hands. I think my obsessive hand washing takes a toll on my skin and using sugar scrubs helps relieve that problem. I also love using them as handmade gifts to give to family, friends, and teachers. You can’t beat how quick it is to make them and they cost a fraction of what you can buy them for in store or at a spa.

This recipe is different from my usual sugar scrub recipes since I left out essential oils to make it scented. Of course you could add any scent you’d like by adding 4-6 drops of essential oil into the apricot oil before mixing with the sugar. Apricot oil is great for naturally nourishing dry skin and gives hair a radiant shine. The fatty acids in the oil have similar properties to almond oil that help restore and maintain moisture.

DIY  sugar scrub recipe

The soap colorant is from Michaels and you can find NOW Foods Apricot Kernel Oil (Liquid), 16 oz on Amazon. They carry 4 and 16 ounce bottles. One 4 ounce bottle makes 2-3 small mason jars of sugar scrub.

Homemade Apricot Sugar Scrub


  1. 4 ounces Apricot Oil
  2. 1 cup granulated sugar
  3. soap colorant (optional)


  1. In a small bowl combine soap colorant and apricot oil. Add 6-8 drops of soap colorant or until desired color is achieved.
  2. Stir in sugar and mix until well combined.
  3. Store in airtight container.


Soap colorant is optional and used appearance. To add a scent to your sugar scrub use 4-6 drops of essential oils to the apricot oil.


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