Gold Leaf Succulent Planter

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Gold leaf succulent planter with Americana chalky finish paint. 

Gold Leaf Succulent Planter

Have you notice how succulents are everywhere these days? I jumped on the succulent bandwagon last Summer with my ikea box turned Succulent Planter and I’m still loving these pretty little plants.

Ikea Hack - Succulent Planter

Ok so I kinda, sort of killed my last set of succulents after forgetting to water them…for a very long time. I’m starting over with a new planter that I made using Americana chalky finish paint and gold leaf sheets. You guys I am SO excited about this new paint line from DecoArt. It goes on smooth and a little goes a long way. I can not wait to try it on a few furniture pieces that need a major face lift. The line is now available at Home Depot and will soon be available at Michael’s as well.

Americana Chalky Finish Paint

Another thing I’m currently crushing on is gold leaf…I love love love it! Especially paired with white.


Americana chalky finish paint in Everlasting

Gold leaf sheets

Gold leaf adhesive



acrylic sealant

How to gold leafAfter applying two coats of paint paint onto the terra cotta planter I used a brush to apply the gold leaf adhesive. You can use painters tape to create a straight line or shapes with the gold leaf. I wanted a random application and to do so I applied the adhesive in various heights. Note: a little goes a long way with the adhesive, you want a thin application that will dry easily.

DIY gold planter

Allow the adhesive to dry for 10-20 minutes or until it becomes tacky. Apply a sheet of gold leaf and gently rub it onto the planter. Use a gold leaf brush to press the gold leaf down and brush away any excess.

How to gildingApply an acrylic sealant to ensure the gold leaf doesn’t peel. Easy, right? I love the white and gold paired with the succulents. Now let’s hope these make it longer than my last succulents. :)

Succulent Gold Leaf Planter

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