DIY Moss Wreath

DIY moss wreath with feathers, fabric flowers, and a cork ribbon bow.

DIY Moss Feather Wreath
Hey crafty friends! It’s time to share another #MichaelsMakers project with you. Michaels recently sent me a sneak peek of their new Raw Bar line to play with. The Raw Bar is a brand new line of products made of or accessorized by materials inspired by nature. Surfaces and textures include: burlap, cork, chalk board, wood, metal and canvas. The line will be available at Michaels stores on August 8th.

Raw Bar - #MichaelsMakersI love having a wreath that can be used for every season. It’s been awhile since I’ve made a wreath and without any major holidays coming up I knew I wanted something neutral. I also wanted a mix of natural and glam to add to my home decor. This feather and moss wreath was exactly what I had in mind. Can we  talk about the feather trend right now? I’m loving it! I’m also currently loving peacock feathers. My originally idea was to use two peacock feathers in this wreath but when I came across this feather pick at Michaels I knew it would pair well with the fabric flowers.

DIY Moss WreathSupplies:
styrofoam wreath
adhesive moss sheets (16×18 inches)
feather pick
fabric flowers
hot glue

Sorry I don’t have pictures of the wreath making’s kinda messy and the moss is really sticky and will stick to itself if folds over.

Step one: lay the moss sheet adhesive side down over the wreath form (make sure the wreath is in the center).

Step two: fold over the edges of the remaining moss around the wreath. Then cut four lines down the center. This will make it easier to cover the remaining areas of the wreath form. Once the entire wreath is covered trim excess moss. The moss is very forgiving so it your miss a spot it’s easy to press excess moss to cover it up. It will blend into itself and you won’t be able to see the difference.

Moss Wreath tutorialStep three: glue the feather pick in place. Then arrange fabric flowers and moss around. Be careful when gluing the small moss pieces..I may have burned a finger or two. :)

Moss CraftsStep four: Glue a strip of cork ribbon to the top of the wreath. Finish it off by gluing a bow onto the existing cork ribbon strip.

Cork Ribbon Bow

You guys, this cork ribbon is the best! As soon as I can find it in stores I’m going to stock up to use it for fall and holiday projects. I love the texture and it’s great for home decor projects. I made some cork candles as well, I’ll share those with you soon!

Moss and Feather Wreath



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    Your wreath is so pretty! I love the mix of the rustic moss and the satin flowers. I will have to look for the cork ribbon next month, too. Sharing .

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