DIY Glitter Ornaments {best glue to use}

DIY glitter ornaments – the best glue for glittering ornament balls.

How To Glitter Ornaments

 Glittering ornaments has always been a favorite holiday tradition in our family. I remember glittering ornament balls as a child and the mess we would make. Back then we used to glitter the outside of the ornament balls. You can imagine how messy that was, even bringing them out the following year there would be glitter sprinkled everywhere. Eventually we started glittering inside the ornament life changer here. You can have sparkly glitter ornaments without the mess? Sign me up! Over the years I’ve experimented with different types and brands of glue to use. Some have held up ok others have been a total disaster. Today I’m sharing {from my experience} the best glittering glue for glitter ornaments.

DIY Glitter Ornaments - Best Glittering Glue

DIY Glitter Ornaments

My favorite way to glitter ornament balls is with this little bottle called Glitter-It! Have you tried it? I’m seriously in awe over this stuff! It’s light and clear like water so it swirls around quickly but is a great adhesive for glitter without making it lose it’s shine. FYI: this company has no idea who I am and this post isn’t sponsored by them. I’m just really excited to share a great product that I used. I have included an Amazon affiliate link so you can see the exact product I ordered.


Glass or plastic ornament balls

fine glitter

Beacon Glitter It

Step one: Pour a small amount of glue inside the ornament. Lightly swirl the glue around to cover the entire area inside. Try not to shake the glue around to avoid bubbles forming – they’re hard to get rid when it’s time to glitter. Pour glue out of ornament ball back into bottle (or into another ornament ball). Allow glue to dry for about a minute.

Step two: Pour glitter into ornament and swirl around until it’s fully covered. My kids loved this part! Pour the excess glitter back into the bottle. Allow to dry for a few hours or overnight before adding the cap on.

DIY Glitter Ornaments

We made a little over 30 ornaments with half a bottle of glue. We’re working on something bright and colorful with these pretty ornaments and I can’t wait to share it with you!

How to glitter ornaments

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Wow, great project and fun too. Love idea of that glue. Will be looking for it at different craft stores. I have seen that brand before and have used brand so know it to be reliable product. What I can see of your ornaments looks pretty, shiney and so festive. Can imagine you all had wonderful time decorating the balls.
    Do you have lots of great plans for Thanksgiving weekend? Hope it will be one of your best times.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy your blog very much. Enjoy the season
    Now I’d better get back to work decorating paper ornaments I spent hours cutting out today. Can hardly type my old fingers are rebelling,lol.

  2. Katherine says

    i have made these before with glitter paint. They were awesome and you can mix 2 colors in the ball for a marbled look.

  3. Crystal says

    I love these ornaments!! We have a tradition of either making or buying new ornaments each year to add to the tree. It is a tradition that my hubby and I started when we got married. 23 years later, our tree looks amazing. I love glittered ornaments but hate to have glitter over everything. This is great!! Thanks so much!!

  4. Lee Eramo says

    I have seen this & similar projects every year in AC Moore where I live, yet, no directions on what you’re supposed to do, and no sign of glue, just glitter. I admired it from afar, eventually buying some glass ornaments and some glitter that I liked but again, not thinking about hey, use glue. I figured I would figure it out along the way. Then one day I was told to use glue from AC Moore. I had no idea what kind other than you typical white glue and thought, no way would that work. So I gave up. (we’re going back about 10 plus years ago) So, now that I have grandchildren, maybe I can actually give it a try now!! Thank you for your glue suggestion!

  5. Kathy says

    Just an FYI
    I found that the finest glitter works the best the kind that is almost powdery. I had trouble trying to find a color I wanted, so I resorted to a glitter that was not as fine. It looked beautiful at first,very shimmery, but then by morning it started to loose some of the glitter. Maybe the glitter was a bit too heavy for the glue to hold. It is not so bad that it’s ruined, but it has a few spots that are a bit sparse. Oh well, Live & Learn.

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