DIY Mini Notebooks

DIY Mini Notebooks – create small journals or notebooks out of Project Life cards.

DIY Mini Notebooks

Mother’s Day is the time to show mom how much you love her and celebrate her hard work. There are people who love buying gifts and then there are others who enjoy making them. I’ve always been a little bit of both. I like to get creative and make a special gift then buy a gift card or a gift that’s perfect for the recipient. One of my favorite gifts to receive is a notebook. I keep one in my purse, my desk and car. I use them to write down quotes from my kids that I want to remember and then transfer them to our family journal later. However, the main purpose they serve is to write down blog ideas. Sometimes I’ll be on my way to the grocery store when a recipe or craft idea pops in my head. I know if I wait until I get home I’ll completely forget about it. Having a small journal around to write my scattered thoughts down helps me remember ideas that I want to share with you. So today I want to share a quick and easy mini notebook tutorial for this months Michaels Makers project.

DIY-Mini-NotebooksYou might remember my Project Life Notebooks from a few years ago. These are exactly like those, but customized in pretty pink and gold foil journal cards. One of the great things about Project Life is that they’re always creating new styles and popular designs. I would say gold foil is HUGE right now. It’s fun to take these already made journal cards to make customized notebooks.

Project Life Kit
The Cinch Bookbinding tool
Bookbinding wire
Lined Project Life journal cards

Project Life - card journalsStep one: your cards will become the cover to your notebook. Place the bottom card design side down then fill with lined journal cards. The more journal cards you use the thicker your notebook will be. Place your cover card design side up on top.

Project Life - JournalsStep two: Use the Cinch tool to make holes in the cards. Note: you may need to do this in small batches if there are too many cards. You’ll know if your stack is too thick because it won’t fit in the slot.

The Cinch - diy journalsStep three: Use the back of the Cinch to add bookbinding wire to your notebook.

That’s it! This is a quick and easy gift idea that’s perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or just about any kind of celebration.

DIY-Mini Notebooks

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