Minions Slime

How to make Minions slime jars party favors – kids will love playing with this slime for hours. You can create these Minion jars with a few simple supplies for a quick and easy party favor or boredom buster idea.

Minion slime tutorial

The Minions movie comes out this week! My kids can’t wait to watch their favorite silly, yellow characters on the big screen. As I mentioned in our Minions Bookmarks tutorial, we’ve been having fun making Minion crafts and recipes over the last week. These Minions Slime Jars are by far our favorite project. The kids could play with slime for hours, so when I mentioned this idea they were all on board to make their own Minion jars.

Minion SlimeSupplies:

Small Jars

Black and gray vinyl

small circle punch


denim tape

moveable eyes

Black Americana multi-surface paint

Minion Slime

We used baby food jars because they’re the perfect size for individual party favors. You can also use small mason jars. To decorate the jars we cut a strip of black vinyl for the band of the goggles. If you don’t have vinyl you can use cardstock or washi tape. Or you can get a little fancy and use glass paint.

Using a small circle punch we cut gray vinyl for the goggles then glued the eyes over the gray circles. The bottom was covered with denim tape (we found ours at Michaels). Again, if you’re having trouble finding the denim tape you can use cardstock or paint instead. For the lid we used Americana multi-surface paint in Black Tie.

Minion SlimeHow to make slime


Elmer’s glue


Yellow food coloring



Minions slime
  • 2 Elmer's white school glue bottles
  • 1 teaspoon Borax
  • yellow food coloring
  • water
  1. Pour glue into a medium size bowl. Fill your empty glue bottles with warm water, replace cap and shake the bottles (this will help loosen any residue glue). Pour the water in your bowl and mix with glue. You'll want to add your food coloring at this point. Stir until the water, glue, and food coloring are mixed evenly
  2. In a small cup mix ½ cup warm water with 1 teaspoon borax until dissolved.
  3. Pour borax water into glue mixture and stir together. As you keep stirring the slime will thicken. After about a minute you can remove it from the water and use your hands.
  4. Store in airtight container.

Minion Slime

This slime recipe can fill up about 4-6 jars depending on the size of jars you’re using. I think they’re perfect for a Minions Party or as a boredom buster idea for kids. The best part is if they’re store properly the slime won’t dry up and can be used over and over again.

Minion Slime

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    Oh man, this is too freakin’ cute! My son is going to love this one. I’m going to file this away for the perfect summer boredom buster. Thanks so much!

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