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How To Make Confetti Eggs

How to make confetti eggs

How to make confetti eggs for Easter and Cinco de Mayo. 

How to make confetti eggs

Hey crafty friends! The kids are officially on Spring break and they couldn’t be more excited. Since I’m headed to Utah next week, missing part of their break, I’m going to squeeze in as many fun activities for us to do until then. Homemade play dough, flying kites, and picnics at the park are definitely in order. I’m also surprising them with a day trip to the ocean in a few days, I can’t wait to see their faces when we arrive. The little guy is going to be excited to play in the sand and collect seashells., while the big kids will more than likely spend hours on the boardwalk rides.

Before we can start planning all of those things I’m still focused on getting things ready for our Easter celebration. Every year, for as long as I can remember, growing up my mother would make confetti eggs for Easter. We have some pretty funny pictures of surprising family members with confetti eggs getting cracked over their heads. My sister seems to get me every year when I least expect it. It’s always a great way to enjoy a few laughs and who doesn’t love colorful confetti?



Food coloring, vinegar, water


tissue paper in various colors

glue stick

Step one: carefully puncture the top of the egg with a sharp object. You will need about a 1/2 inch hole to fill the eggs. I used a kabob skewer to crack the eggs and gently mixed the egg yolk to help release it from the shell. Wash hallowed eggs thoroughly with soap.

Step two: dye eggs with kit or 1 cup water, 1 tbsp vinegar, and food coloring. Allow eggs to dry.

Step three: fill eggs with confetti.

Step four: cut a 3/4 inch square of tissue paper and glue to cover the hole.

Confetti Eggs tutorial

These DIY confetti eggs are fun for the whole family to enjoy and guaranteed to bring a few laughs. They’re also great for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

How To Make Confetti Eggs Tutorial

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Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Easter egg decorating ideas – how to gold leaf Easter eggs.

DIY Gold Leaf Eggs

Happy Friday, my crafty friends! Are you excited about the weekend? We’re going to reach 90 degrees here..yikes! I see water balloon fights in our near future. The kids recently picked out super soakers at Target and have been anxious to use them. It’s hard to believe how quickly this year is going by already. Easter will be here soon and I’m still having fun coming up with Easter egg decorating ideas with the kids. On the days Madi doesn’t have preschool we’ve been decorating eggs and putting together Easter craft kits for our Easter celebration with family. Every year we head to my mother’s house and have the kids engage in various games and Easter crafts before the big egg hunt. The kids look forward to this every year. I’m always in charge of the games, which I happily enjoy doing.

Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Like I mentioned in my Gold Leaf Succulent Planter post I’m a tab bit obsessed with gold leaf right now (visit post for a thorough picture tutorial on how to gold leaf). I’ve been using gold leaf sheets on anything I can think of. This gold leaf egg idea is great for eggs you don’t plan on consuming or have been  hallowed out. You can also find white wooden eggs to paint and gold leaf at the craft store. 


Gold leaf sheets

gold leaf adhesive



dye kit

Gilded Easter Eggs

 Step one: dye eggs to desire color or paint eggs with watercolors.

Step two: with a small brush lightly apply a thin layer of adhesive onto the eggs. I only applied small sections of glue instead of covering the eggs completely. Allow glue to dry for 10 minutes or until it becomes tacky.

Step three: place a gold leaf sheet onto the eggs and gently rub the gold leaf on. Use a gilding brush to press the gold leaf on and brush away any excess.

The great thing about gold leaf is that the mistakes are easily fixable and the imperfections make it all the more unique. These gold leaf beauties are currently adorning my entry way with a few other Spring accessories that help brighten up the room.

For more Easter ideas visit

Watercolor Easter Eggs

How to make a sock bunny

Easy sock bunny tutorial

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Gold Leaf Eggs

Duck Tape® Easter Basket

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Create a mini Easter basket made from a box using Duck Tape®, lace trim, and ribbon. 

Duck Tape Easter Basket I think I’ve mentioned a time or two about our endless rolls of Duck Tape® around the house. The kids enjoy using them for all sorts of crafts and activities. We’ve made wallets, flowers, wrapped gifts with it, and used it for a few games. Have you tried the glow-in-the-dark Duck Tape®? My kids love that stuff! Using these bright and colorful rolls of tape I whipped up a few Spring crafts that are easy to make with kids just in time for Easter. Duct Tape Crafts for kids Can we talk about this floral and gingham hexagon print? Swoon! This has to be my favorite Duck Tape® print EVER! I think the pastels are perfect for Spring crafts and I immediately thought of making an Easter basket with it.

Duck Tape box After covering the box with tape I glued lace trim around the edge and a bow to the center. 

Hexagon floral print

For the handle I folded a 12 inch strip of tape in half (top and bottom to the center) then glued it to the inside of the box. Note: use a small amount of low temp hot glue to avoid burning through tape.

Spring Crafts - Duck Tape I also made flowers using the white and mini green and black Duck Tape® rolls.

Duct Tape Flower Tutorial To make the flowers I layered two 12inch strips of tape, slightly overlapping. Tucking one of the exposed edges down I then used scissors to create a fringe on the tape. I stopped about a quarter of an inch away from the bottom. I then wrapped the tape around a striped paper straw to create the flower. (Note: I covered the tip of the straw and created a smaller fringe with the mini Duck Tape® first). Duck Tape Flowers The last craft I made were these mini Duck Tape® bows that are perfect for embellishing party favors and treat boxes. To make them I folded the mini tape in half, then pinched the center and placed a thin piece of tape to hold it together. I used the same method of the handle above..folding from top to center and bottom to center to avoid having exposed edges. Mini Duct Tape Bow

What are some of your favorite Duck Tape® crafts to make with your kids?

You can find Duck Tape here and for project ideas visit Duck Tape®  on Facebook | on Pinterest | on Twitter

Handmade Easter Basket

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Watercolor Easter Eggs

Hey crafty friends! Easter is less than a month away and today I’m sharing a quick Easter egg decorating idea. These watercolor Easter eggs are easy to make and allow your little artist to create any designs they’re imagination desires in a few simple steps.

Watercolor Easter Eggs

The weather has been amazing here, almost a little too perfect. It’s been between 75-85 …..in March! We’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors soaking up the sun and enjoying every minute of it before it gets too hot. In between our outdoor playtime we’ve been working on a few Easter crafts with the kids. Last week Madi, our 4 year old, asked if we could dye Easter eggs and I thought it would be fun to let them watercolor paint the eggs. Other than playing outside the kids have been into painting..a lot! They ask to paint everyday (thank you giant $5 ikea roll of paper). We quickly went through an entire carton of eggs, working like mad with our paint brushes and watercolor paints. The little guy LOVES, I mean LOVES LOVES painting so he enjoyed this activity the most. I can’t wait to work on a few new Easter egg decorating ideas with them over the next few weeks.

To color our eggs we used a watercolor palette from Michaels.

Watercolor Craft Ideas

Using the watercolor paints we painted random designs onto the eggs. Sometimes we allowed the paint to dry in-between colors other times we mixed the wet paint to allowed them to run together, which creates a marbled look. You could also dip (or brush on) the egg in water then add drops of watercolors onto the egg and let the colors swirl on their own. 

Watercolor eggs

I think I’m having just as much fun as they are coloring eggs. These watercolor eggs inspired some major Easter crafting that I can’t wait to share with you!

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Polka Dot Glitter Easter Eggs

DIY Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Watercolor Easter Eggs

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Duck Tape Snowflake Ornament

Duck Tape Snowflake Ornament Craft

This post brought to you by Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey guys! I have a few more projects to share that I’ve made over the last few weeks. I’m completely taken back by how quickly Christmas arrived this year. It’s flown by for us and I’m not ready for the holiday season to end. Next year I’ll have to create a roundup of the crafts I’ve recently made but I thought I would share them with you nonetheless. This Duck Tape® snowflake ornament was an easy kids crafts we made a few weeks ago. We made them to use as ornament gift tags for the grandma and grandpa. Duck Tape Snowflake Ornament Craft Supplies: Duck Tape®



glitter tape


die cut snowflakes

duck tape crafts We found a few leftover paper mache ornaments from last year that were left unfinished so we thought it would be great to cover them with Duck Tape®. My son and I are always looking for ways to use Duck Tape® but I was excited to try the holiday prints with my daughter. She loved the snowman and penguin prints! The Duck the Halls holiday prints available include seasonal sweets, snowman, holiday bows, and the cute little penguins. I had the kids pick their favorite print and helped them create their ornament gift tags.     duck tape Christmas craft   We used two strips of tape to cover the round paper mache ornament. We left a half in of tape on the sides that we trimmed with scissors. Once we had the tape on we used silver glitter tape around the ornament to help cover the area that we didn’t use Duck Tape® on.   kids snowflake ornament craft I then used a snowflake die to cut a variety of paper snowflakes for them to glue in the center. We also consider using large sticker letters for the recipients initials. Once they finished gluing on the snowflake I used my hot glue gun to add ribbon on top. Duck Tape Snowflake Ornament Craft

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Halloween Treats: Witch Broomstick Lollipops

Witch Broom treats

Hey crafty friends! I have another Halloween treat to share with you. These witch broomstick lollipops are easy to make and perfect for a classroom Halloween party.

Witch Broom treats

Can you believe Halloween is in about two weeks? This year we’re taking a mini vacation the last week of October so I’m getting a head start on the kids classroom treats. This lollipop craft is great for getting the kids involved. My kids helped cut fringe from the streamers then I helped them roll it around the double sided tape. I’m going to share two ways to make these, with and without glitter.


black streamers

Martha Stewart fringe scissors

Martha Stewart Glitter in Florentine Gold

double sided tape

dum dum lollipops

Halloween Crafts

To make them use double sided tape to wrap the streamer around the lollipop. Once the lollipop is covered (about 2-3 inches) fringe your streamers, leaving a half inch piece at the top.

Witch broom lollipop

I usually cover the lollipop with 8-10 inches of fringe streamers. Once you reach the end use a piece of double sided paper to keep the streamers from unraveling.

witch broom 1

If you’d like to glitter your tips use a decoupage brush and glittering glue to apply the gold glitter.

glitter streamers

Halloween Treats - Broomstick Lollipops

 That’s it! Tie a cute ribbon or add a printable tag for your child to sign & you have an easy Halloween treat!

Witch Broom treats

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Glow in the Dark Slime

Glow in the dark slimeBlack & White Glam Pumpkin

Black and White Halloween Decor

Halloween Apothecary Jars

Halloween Apothecary Jars with Glow in the dark slime recipe

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Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween Party Food - Mummy Cupcakes

Halloween Party Food - Mummy Cupcakes

This post is brought to you by Wilton and Jo-Ann stores.
Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? If so I have a few easy Halloween treats for kids to share with you today! Wilton and Jo-Ann stores recently sent us a box filled with Wilton baking supplies to play with. I have always enjoyed making shaped cakes, cookies, and candy using Wilton products so I was excited when they sent us a few baking pans, candy melts, edible eyes, and more! This is all part of their 13 days of Halloween series, you’ll find all participating blogs at the bottom of this post. Be sure to hop over and see what they created for this fabulous blog hop.

Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

First I want to share with you this was mummy cupcake tutorial made with Wilton candy and edible eyes. To make the mummy cupcake I frosted a cupcake then used kitchen scissors to trim the sugared candy roll. I placed the eyes on the cupcake first then began “wrapping” the cupcake. It’s that easy and they’re SO cute! My kids loved the mummy cupcakes the best!

Mummy Cupcakes Tutorial

For the marshmallow pop display I used a galvanized metal tin with floral foam inside. I found the printed Halloween ribbon at Jo-Ann’s and hot glued it on the tin, then added paper basket filler to cover the floral foam. The Frankenstein marshmallow pops were a big hit with the kids! To make them I used the Wilton mold, candy melts, and paper straws. I used a toothpick to dab the eyes, his stitching, bolts, and hair on the mold. Once that was set I poured the green candy melts and placed the marshmallow on top. Whenever I make candy with the Wilton candy molds I placed them in the freezer for 5 minutes and they set immediately. This makes it easier to make large batches at once.

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

One more fun party treat I want to share are these Wilton jack-o-lantern lollipops. These are too cute! The package came with 12 lollipops and stickers to create jack-o-lantern faces. So easy and fun for the kids!

Jack-O-Lantern Lollipops

One of the great things I like about Wilton products is that they’re very easy to work with. They make things so easy with their decorative eyes, sprinkles, candy molds, and decorative straws.
Here are a few things that I used to make these treats. Ignore the eyeballs and sparkle gel, those will be used for another Halloween treat.

Wilton Candy Melts

Are you getting crafty this weekend? Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is offering our readers a 50% off coupon from now until October 31st! Just click on the image and print the coupon at home.

Jo-ann coupon

Also, be sure to visit the other participating bloggers to see what they made with their Wilton supplies!

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Halloween Party Food Ideas

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities & $100 book bundle giveaway

Eric Carle Books - activities for todlers

Hey guys, I have a great giveaway for you today. Incredibundles is here today to offer a $100 book bundle giveaway! We recently received the Eric Carle book bundle, that inspired a craft day filled with The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities.

Eric Carle Books - activities for todlers

Incredibundles designs adorable baby gift bundles with reusable storage containers. They have everything from toys, diapers, baby products, and book bundles available. The book bundle that we received came in an Eric Carle themed storage box, wrapped with a satin ribbon and a greeting card. They make gift giving so easy, especially for out of town family and friends! In addition to the gift boxes they have subscriptions available and donate a portion of every bundle sold to charity.

Book Gift Ideas

When my daughter was born we bought her Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Throughout her first few years she wouldn’t let those two out of her sight, especially Brown Bear. So by the time the little guy was born the books were a tad bit worn. He now loves Brown Bear and the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Out of the countless books sitting in their bookshelf, these two are always their first pick during story time. When Incredibundles sent us the Eric Carle book bundle they were ecstatic!

The bundle we received included our favorite Eric Carle children’s books and plush The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts

With the help of her big brother, the little miss made a paper very hungry caterpillar using die cut circles and chenille sticks. I used a die to cut the circles for her, she hand cut the eyes, and brother cut the chenile stems for her. She’s working on her cutting skills so the eyes took a few tries but I think she did a great job with them. I love the imperfections, they remind me of the Eric Carle books illustrations. We also made a hand print butterfly but little brother woke up from his nap and may have destroyed it before I could take a picture. There may have been a few tears..oh little brothers!

The number one food request from the little miss is a fruit salad. I’ve said it before that I’m pretty sure she survives on fruit and raw spinach, it’s her favorite! I’ve seen cucumber caterpillars before and thought this would be a fun little surprise for her.  I decided to have a little fun with it by adding the fruits from the beginning of the book to the plate. We had one apple slice, two pear slices, three slices of plums, four strawberries, and five orange slices. The caterpillar is made out of cucumber slices, a plum for the head, and marshmallows with chocolate chips for the eyes. This was a great counting activity for her and the little guy.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Food Ideas

Incredibundles would like to give one lucky reader a $100 book bundle of their choosing! To enter use the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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