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Disney Cars Party

Disney Cars Party Ideas

This post is brought to you by Collective Bias and Disney Pixar.
Happy Monday my friends! Today I’m excited to share our Disney Cars party filled with easy Cars party ideas!

Disney Cars Party Ideas

We recently had the opportunity to host a Cars party for our friends and we had the greatest time. On Saturday we had my daughters Sofia the First birthday party, which I’ll share with you next week, and yesterday we hosted our Cars party. It was a fun-filled Disney weekend for our family.

Disney Cars Party Cups

I had a lot of fun decorating for the Cars party and the best part is that it was all pretty easy DIY decor. The backdrop is from Hobby Lobby, I may have squealed in excitement when I came across it..the black and white checkers were perfect!

We didn’t have any games planned so we picked up a few Planes and Cars toys for them to play with. I even bought a pack of medals to hand out to the winners.

Disney Cars medals

The kids did end up playing several games of duck duck goose, which is always funny to watch!

On the checkered backdrop I added Disney Cars die cuts that came in a pack from Walmart. I believe it had 20 pieces in the pack but I only used a few to keep with the color scheme. I wanted to add a banner or two in but between planning the Sofia the First party and Cars, I ran out of time.

Disney Cars Party Backdrop

The table was filled with snacks and desserts that were fun for the kids. The chocolate donuts are for Luigi’s tires. By the way if you’re ever in California Adventure I highly recommend Luigi’s Flying Tires and the Mater ride..they’re some of the kids favorites!

Disney Cars Party Food Ideas

Another fun party food were the rice krispies stop lights, these were a BIG hit with the kids! To make them I cut rice krispies treats in half then pressed the M&M’s on top.

Rice Krispies Treats Stop Lights
My favorite were the cups filled with party favors. I used one of the Hallmark party packs for the majority of the items then purchased a few things separately. The cups were filled with checkered flags, mini frisbees, blow horns, stickers, a pencil, and activity page. They were so easy and quick to put together.

Disney Cars Party Favors

I also made mini pennant flags and a paper rosette for the wood crates.

Disney Cars GamesWe were able to find a great selection of Disney Cars and Planes toys at Walmart. You can see everything we found on Google +. The kids had a blast playing with the Planes toys. They raced each other over and over again.

Disney Planes

 The party was a lot of fun, especially for the little guy. He is currently in love with all things Cars and Planes!

For more Disney ideas connect with Disney Pixar on Facebook and Twitter.

Disney Cars Party
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Washi Tape Puzzles

Washi tape puzzles

Last week was Spring break for us. I took a small step back from the blog and all that it entails to really make the most of our week off. It was just what this momma’s heart needed! Due to a major fail on my part (I planned a family trip and didn’t realize until the day before that the location has actually been closed for months while its being relocated), we made the most of it with a staycation. All week long we spent our days at the local zoo, arcade, and crafting a new project every day. One of our projects was to make washi tape puzzles!

Washi tape puzzles

A couple of my daughters favorite craft supplies are paint and washi tape. Yes, washi tape! Hmm I wonder where she gets that from? ;) So when we picked up an unfinished wood puzzle at the craft store I knew exactly what to do with it.

washi tape puzzle tutorial

The kids chose bright and colorful Apple Barrel paints for their puzzles. We always have Apple Barrel paints on hand because they’re  great all-purpose acrylic paints and dry quickly. I don’t know about you but my kids are always anxious to pick up their projects so I like the quick dry time.

how to make a washi tape puzzle  To make the washi tape puzzles I had my son paint the border of the puzzles in pink and blue. The grey puzzle is actually a washi tape sheet. He also painted one of the puzzles white since washi tape is semi-transparent. Once the pant was dry I carefully added a washi tape sheet on top of the puzzle pieces. I then cut the pieces out with an x-acto knife.

We used the Mod Podge washout formula to seal the puzzle..love this stuff! It’s basically the same as the regular gloss Mod Podge only it washes out of clothing and furniture with soap and water, basically a mother’s (and teacher’s) best friend!

How to make a washi tape puzzle

For the pink puzzle I traced the puzzle pieces along the back of a piece of scrapbook paper and cut each piece out. I then used a small amount of Mod Podge to glue the paper on and once that dried I added Mod Podge on top to seal it. A little washi tape along the border and we were done. I like how the pink paint shows through the washi tape and how bright the puzzles are. It was the perfect Spring break craft!

Washi Tape Puzzle

For more crafty paint projects for kids follow Plaid on Pinterest >> Facebook >> Twitter


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Chocolate Coconut Nests

Every year, the week leading up to Easter I make chocolate coconut nests for the kids. They love these little treats and its become tradition that I make them. To be honest I think I make them more for me because these coconut nests are SO good. They remind me of Mounds candy bars and the best part is they only require two ingredients!

how to make coconut nests


I shared this easy chocolate coconut nests recipe two years ago but I have since revamped the technique and thought I would re-share. This time around I made mini coconut nests using a mini muffin tin, instead of shaping the nests by hand. This is definitely my new favorite way to make them and will continue to use this method in the future.

how to make coconut nests.


Chocolate Coconut Nests Recipe

Makes 12 regular size or 24 mini coconut nests

1 3/4 cup semi-sweet or dark chocolate

2 cups shredded coconut flakes


Step one

Lightly spray mini muffin tin with cooking spray

Step two

Over a double boiler or in the microwave melt chocolate until smooth. Stir in coconut flakes until fully combined.

Step three

Scoop one heaping teaspoon into each muffin cup. With a spoon press the mixture in the center to create a nest-like shape. Allow nests to harden or place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.



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Sock Bunny (Easter Crafts for Kids)

Easy sock bunny tutorial

With Easter less than a week away it was time for me to finish preparing the kids Easter baskets. We are keeping their baskets simple, with a few Spring break craft activities and these adorable little sock bunnies. If you’re looking for a cute and easy handmade gift to add to their Easter basket then this tutorial is just for you! This quick and easy sock bunny tutorial is the perfect last minute Easter craft that you can make for the kids or with them.

Easy sock bunny tutorial

Easter approached rather quickly this year, didn’t it? I think that’s what happens with most holidays now though. As a child you wait and wait for a holiday to come, the excitement making it feel as if it never will. But as an adult it seems as if they come right after another all too quickly. Or maybe that’s just me? But I’d like to take the week to really enjoy this holiday with the kids, its perhaps one of the most important for us. I know sock bunnies do not represent the true meaning of Easter but I do like to mix in a little bunny and egg-coloring fun into the holiday.

These little cuties were inspired by the sock bunnies on Spoonful. I actually shared those on here two years ago back when the site was called Family Fun. We are big Family Fun Magazine readers and always enjoy their creative craft ideas for kids. I’ve been receiving the magazine since my oldest was little and every month we try to make at least one craft from the magazine.

Sock Bunny Tutorial

To make sock bunnies you will need:

a small sock


large pom pom

moveable eyes


clear rubber bands


Step one

Fill your sock with about a cup of rice, depending on the size of your sock. Tie clear rubber bands twice to create a head, one on the neck and one on top of the head.

sock bunny tutorial

Step two

Cut a contrasting piece of felt to create a “belly” for the bunny, glue onto sock using tacky glue or hot glue.

Step three

Glue eyes, teeth (a tiny square piece of felt cut down the middle that resemble teeth), pom pom on the back, and a nose (small rounded triangle piece of felt). Tie a bow around the sock bunny.

sock bunny tutorial

Step four

Cut the top of the sock in half to create ears on the sock bunny. Snip off the corners to make the ears slightly rounded.

sock bunnies


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Pot of Gold Treats & Silhouette Portrait Giveaway!!!

Hey, hey crafty friends! We had such a great month with a lot of fun giveaways and I thought we could end the month with a BIG one! I’m SO excited to be giving away a Silhouette PORTRAIT to one YOU! I use my Silhouette Cameo all the time and I know whoever wins is going to LOVE their new Portrait machine. But before we get to the Silhouette Portrait Giveaway let me show you another cute St. Patrick’s Day craft.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Using my the Silhouette Cameo I made these adorable Pot of Gold treat containers. You guys have probably noticed that I love little holiday gift boxes and containers to give to the kids, so when I saw this shape in the Silhouette store I knew I had to try it out.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

This was actually one of the easiest shapes I’ve worked with..its one simple cut and a few folds.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Once you have your shape cut, fold up on the perforated lines, glue the outer tabs to the shape, then embellish with bakers twine. St. Patrick's Day Crafts

This month Silhouette is having an awesome promotion on the Portrait and Cameo as well as the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.

(1)    1 Silhouette Portrait™ and the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software for $179.99

(2)    1 Silhouette CAMEO® and the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software for $269.99

(3)    The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software for $24.99

Go HERE and enter the discount code PUMPKIN at checkout to take advantage of this sweet deal!

Silhouette Giveaway

Now who wants to win a Silhouette Portrait? :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want an extra chance to win? My friend Amber from Crazy Little Projects is giving away a Portrait as well!

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Slumber Party Ideas

Slumber Party Ideas

Do you remember attending slumber parties as a child? My little girl has been asking to have a slumber party for over a year now and we’re finally going to host one! Its going to be a small sleepover for her and my niece, but I know the girls will have a blast! Since this is her first sleepover party I’ve been looking for ideas to make this a fun party for everyone. I began by making the girls a slumber party nail polish gift box…

Slumber party favor boxes

Check out the cute the adorable slumber party items I found on Totsy last week. Have you heard of Totsy? Its a deal site that hosts “events” with items on sale for a few days at a time. You have to be quick because I find items sell out fast, especially clothes for little girls.

Slumber Party Ideas
I’m a big fan of Melissa & Doug toys so I was excited to see that they had a sale on toys for a sleepover party. My daughter squealed when she saw the butterfly hopscotch puzzle while browsing the site. My favorite was the turtle bean bag toss game, but she insisted on the butterfly hopscotch. I’ll admit I’m actually looking forward to playing the hopscotch game with her on cold, rainy days.The bug flashlight was another must, its SO cute! We didn’t get the matching sleeping bag but now I wish we did. Crossing my fingers they have another sleepover event soon!


Slumber Party Ideas
Totsy had a variety of  slumber party items for kids of all ages. They had pajama sets and games for toddlers as well as items for older girls. Here are a few more slumber party essentials that caught my eye. These would be great for older girls who are staying at a friends’ house. The chevron duffle bag could work for slumber parties, sports, and even traveling. Oh and how about those matching makeup bags? I could use a set myself! I also like the idea of giving manicure sets as party favors like the one above, you could pair it with the gift box of nail polish and put it a clear bag tied with ribbon…cute and easy!
If you’re hosting a sleepover party check out this  Paper Treat Cone tutorial from Uncommon Designs. Its perfect for holding snacks during a sleepover!

Slumber Party Ideas

Slumber Party Favor Boxes

I’m so excited for the slumber party, I know the little miss is going to have fun. We’re picking up Wreck-It Ralph next week for the girls to watch before bed. It’s going to be a fun night filled with hopscotch playing, movie watching, and getting pedicures!

Butterfly party favors

Do you have any slumber party ideas for little girls? I’d love to hear them!



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Mint Brownie Ice Cream Push Up Pops

Ice Cream Push Up Pops

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed its time to start focusing on St. Patrick’s Day crafts and recipes. Last year right before St. Patrick’s Day I shared mint chocolate chip ice cream cupcakes and this year I put a new spin on them by creating mint brownie ice cream push up pops! I love mint brownie ice cream and this recipe is perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Ice Cream Push Up Pops

Speaking of ice cream cupcakes, with the help of a few good friends I have a fun new series starting this month where I will share a new ice cream cupcake recipe once a month for the next year, so that it will end on the anniversary of when my first recipe was published.You’re probably thinking “umm how many times can you switch out the ice cream?” but rest assure there will be some fun new creative ways to make ice cream cupcakes for every holiday/season/celebration imaginable! A few of my favorite bloggers have given me some ideas for this series that I think you’re going to like! Ice cream cupcakes are perfect for parties and they’re so easy to make that I hope you enjoy this series as much I’m looking forward to it, especially for what I have in store for you at the end of it. :)

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Now back to the St. Patrick’s Day Push-Up Pops…

Mint Brownie Ice Cream Push Up Pops

Push-up pops have been all the rage for a couple of years now so I’ve been wanting to make them for awhile. A few weeks ago I came across a Wilton pack of push up pop containers at Michaels and I knew it was time to finally make some. They also had a Wilton pan that creates mini cakes shaped small enough for the push up pop containers but I didn’t pick that up. So here’s what I did..I baked a sheet layer of brownies then used the container to cut out circles that were a perfect fit!

Brownie push up pop tutorial

My baking pan collection is getting out of hand but I may just have to add the push up pop one soon for a post I’m working on for next month. More deets on that soon. ;)

Mint Brownie Ice Cream Push Up Pops

Mint Brownie Ice Cream Push Up Pops


  1. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix
  2. 1/4 cup water
  3. 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  4. 1 egg
  5. Mint Brownie Ice Cream
  6. Whipped Cream (optional)
  7. Sprinkles (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Mix water, oil, and egg together; add brownie mix. Stir until well blended.
  3. Bake brownies for 26-28 minutes.
  4. Allow brownies to cool completely.
  5. >>>To assemble ice cream brownie push up pops:
  6. Cut brownie bites small enough to fit into the container (tip: use the top of the container to cut perfectly sized brownie bites).
  7. Add one brownie bite then spoon in ice cream layer. Repeat with another layer of brownie bite and ice cream.
  8. Top with whipped cream and sprinkles if desired.
  9. Enjoy!

Ice Cream Push Up Pops


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Valentine’s Day Party With Martha Stewart Crafts

Mini Marshmallow Pops

Valentine’s Day is two days away! Can you believe that? I’m pretty sure we were just talking about Christmas and New Year’s. However I am looking forward to Valentine’s Day! Every year we do something special for the kids. Last year we had a party a few days before and celebrated with friends. This year we’re keeping it simple, but that hasn’t stopped me from putting together a few Valentine’s Day crafts. Here’s a peek at our Valentine’s Day Party with Martha Stewart Crafts supplies.

Mini Marshmallow Pops

It doesn’t get much easier than mini marshmallow pops! To make them I used:

mini strawberry marshmallows



heart paper straws cut in half

I carefully inserted the straw into the mini marshmallows and dipped them into melted CandiQuick then top with sprinkles. These are about 1/3 of the size of a regular marshmallow which are the perfect size if I do say so myself. Just for fun I added tags that I stamped with the Martha Stewart mini wood stamp and heart stickers. I love that the stamps come in a wood crate to hold them all in one place.

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentines Day Party

I also made tags for their valentine paper straws using a flourish punch and cupcake dimensional stickers.

Paper Straws with Tags

These stickers are too cute to throw out after our party so I made sure to make them removable from the straw.

Paper Straws with tags

I used a permanent foam adhesive dot and slightly wrapped it around the straw. Its strong enough to hold the tag in place but still removable after use. I think I’m going to save it for our Project Life album after we’re done with them.Valentine's Day straws

Last but not least we’re in the process of making a few last minute Valentine cards for grandma and grandpa using the mini Valentine card & sticker set. Valentine's Day cardsYou can save 20% at MarthaStewartCrafts.com now through Valentine’s Day! Just enter the coupon code BLOG20 at checkout.

Martha Stewart Crafts

Also be sure to enter the Martha Stewart Crafts “Craft Your Heart Out” Sweepstakes for your chance to WIN a DIAMOND HEART NECKLACE! Go HERE for more details and to enter.


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Disclosure: I received Martha Stewart Crafts products to review, all opinions are my own.