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Give Thanks Banner & Elmer’s Giveaway

Give Thanks Banner

Happy Friday! The countdown to Thanksgiving is officially on. With less than a week away I thought it was time to create a simple Framed Give Thanks Banner for our living room. It’s where our family spends time together the most and lately I’ve really enjoyed talking to the kids about what we are thankful for. My daughter who’s 3 is starting to ask about giving back and I love hearing her responses on how we can help others.

Give Thanks Banner

To make the banner I used the X-ACTO Basic Shapes template to trace then cut out my tags. I’ll be honest I thought it was going to take me forever to cut the tags out but i promise it was a very quick process. If you don’t own a cutting machine the templates are your best friend! There are so many designs in each package, plus they have various sizes for each shape. The tag template I used has 6 different sizes to choose from. Pretty sweet!

Thanksgiving Give Thanks Banner

Once I cut my tags with the X-ACTO scissors I made paper rosettes to hot glue in the center. I used the X-ACTO self healing mat and X-ACTO knife to cut the strips. You can check out my St. Patrick’s Day Banner and Paper Ornaments to learn the basics of making a paper rosette.

Thanksgiving Give Thanks Banner

For the letters I used American Crafts Thickers found at Hobby Lobby. I love these stickers! To hang the tags I taped the string to the back and used mini Canvas Corp clothespins, also found at Hobby Lobby.

Thanksgiving Give Thanks Banner

The awesome people at Elmer’s want to give one of my readers a $150 value craft supply box filled Elmer’s and X-ACTO products! Here’s what one lucky reader will get:

Elmer's giveaway

·         Designer Series Gripster Craft Knife
·         Designer Series 12” Metal Ruler
·         Designer Series 12” X 12” Self Healing Mat
·         Designer Series 8” Scissors
·         Designer Series 5” Precision Tip Scissors
·         Designer Series Basic Shape Templates
·         Designer Series Decorative Shape Templates
·         Painters Bright Colors
·         Painters Sherbet Swirl
·         Dot Runner
·         Foam Mounting Tape
·         Thin Medium Glue Spots
·         All Purpose Glue Stick
·         Quick Dry Dual Tip Glue Pen
·         Elmer’s Designer Tape


Be sure to check out the Elmer’s Craft It! Facebook page for DIY tips and crafting inspiration.

To enter use the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Disclaimer: I received Elmer’s products to facilitate my review. As always all opinions are my own.

Back To School Paper Chain Countdown

We are definitely in back to school mode around here. This week we finished shopping for school supplies and I’m almost done shopping for school clothes. Now it’s time to soak up these last two weeks and try to squeeze in as many memories as possible. I’m excited about having a normal routine back but I’m going to miss having them all home together. My son is actually ready to go back, he can’t wait to hang out with his friends at school. Do you remember that when you were younger? Looking forward to seeing the friends you didn’t see all summer long? To make the first day of school even more exciting we made a paper chain countdown.
Back to school crafts have always been a part of our family. I remember making a sign for my son right before he started preschool. Everyday we would peel away a sticky note counting down the days until his first day of school. It helped him get excited about school and less nervous about being away from me. Even though he’s entering the 4th grade this year, I still like to continue our back to school crafting traditions.
Do you remember the Back To School Guide I shared with you last week? I was looking through it and they have a lot of great tips on back to school essentials. In the #momsguide it mentioned Elmer’s disappearing purple glue sticks, we love this stuff! While shopping for my teachers gift I could barely find any school supplies, this time around the bins were overflowing with them. I can’t stop buying 10 cent glue sticks and 50 cent white glue bottles.You can see a few more of my favorite finds on Google +. I also really want to try the new colored glue sticks. We’re getting crafty this weekend and making art work with them for the fridge.
To make the paper chain countdown I cut 1.5 inch strips of scrapbook paper. I believe the length was around 10 inches. To glue the paper links together we used an Elmer’s glue stick with the purple disappearing glue.
My daughter thinks these glue sticks are SO cool. She could sit there with a piece of paper and an Elmer’s glue stick for hours drawing pictures and watching them disappear. Isn’t it funny how things like this amused them? Ha, who am I kidding I still think the disappearing glue is pretty neat. :)
The chalkboard I found at Joann but I’m sure they have them at just about any craft store. The banner I made with my Lifestyle Crafts die cutting machine and bakers twine. The first chain link is stapled onto the back of the chalkboard, I tried taping it but I didn’t think it would hold up over a long period of time. So there you have it, an easy back to school countdown that brings back memories and creates new ones. :)
So tell me, are your kids already back in school? If not are you ready for the new school year?
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Helping Children Learn

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Bag It Forward program and Elmer’s 1st Day app when I shared my school supply cake.  Today I would like to take a moment to spotlight the app and how you can help a child in need. As I mentioned last time Elmer’s has teamed up with the Kids In Need Foundation by donating school supplies to children in need. For each photo uploaded (up to 200,000) Elmer’s will donate a school supply to the Kids In Need Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides supplies to needy children.

Elmer’s is providing parents with an easy way to capture and share those priceless memories that we all want to remember with the 1st Day app . The app can be used for anything you wish to capture, whether it’s their first day of school or first day of soccer. Maybe it’s a picture of their first time writing their name or a picture of them with their first teacher, we all want to capture those moments right? By uploading those pictures you can help give a child the tools they need to learn this upcoming school year.

The app is very easy to download and use. It allows you to upload photos, create albums, slide shows, and even decorate the pictures with colorful borders. The pictures can also be shared on Facebook or by email, so that relatives who live far away can see those first experiences. The free app can be use on iPhone and Android phones by scanning the QR code found on select Elmer’s glue bottles and in-store displays. You can also download the app directly from iTunes or Google play.

My son starts school in a few weeks and I’m excited to share his first day with his grandparents using the 1st Day app.To learn more and download the app visit Elmer’s 1st Day. #the1stday

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated to write this post. I truly feel that this is a great way to help children whose families do not have the means to purchase school supplies. I’m writing this post because I’m passionate about helping children in need and really encourage you to check out the app.

Back-To-School Guide

Can you believe Summer is almost over? Although Summer has never been my favorite season I do enjoy having my son home and the vacations we take. We only have a few weeks left of vacation before we’re back to our normal school routines. My son is going into the fourth grade this year..where has the time gone? I remember his first day of preschool like it was yesterday and now I’m looking into preschools for my daughter. I really wish they could stay little forever!

Now that stores are filling their shelves with back-to-school supplies my kids are excited to start shopping. I have already purchased a few of their supplies but there’s still so much left to buy. I started making a list this morning of some school essentials using the Back-To-School e-guide that was published today.

The back-to-school guide is the perfect #momsguide to help busy moms like me plan for the upcoming school year. Check out what some expert bloggers had to say about the products featured in the Back-To-School e-guide.

Here is my shopping list so far:

school supplies

-we already purchased several items but still need paper, pencil boxes, and folders.


-Oh the priciest of them all! I always try to find the best deals so I like to look online and in stores for their clothing. A few weeks ago I found out about CookiesKids.com, but there’s also searsStyle for moms like me who need a little help in the fashion department.

backpacks, lunch bags, and food containers

-While looking at backpacks yesterday my son requested a Marvel Characters backpack again this year. I don’t know at what grade kids stop using characters backpacks but it made me happy that he’s still young enough for them. I’m telling you, I’m one of those moms who doesn’t want their kids to ever grow up!


-Snacks are a big deal throughout the school year. I normally have a good plan where I set out the snacks for their lunch on Sundays. This way I can easily pack them in their lunch bags in the mornings. Our favorites are bags of carrots, apple slices, crackers, and mini water bottles. Then I also have to worry about after school snacks. My son is pretty hungry by the time he gets home so I try to have quick and easy snacks to keep him full until dinner time. Tyson chicken nuggets are his absolute favorite! It’s nice that he’s also at an age where he can help himself to a snack if I’m occupied with the younger two. Snacks like Tyson chicken nuggets are some of my must-have during times like these!

Have you started back-to-school shopping? What are some of your back-to-school essentials?

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School Supply Cake

I’m trying to ignore the fact that Summer vacation for my son is halfway over, I just love having him home everyday! Back to school really is right around the corner for us and I’m starting to notice the displays of school supplies at stores. Every year as soon as I see the displays I squeal with joy. I don’t know what it is about school supplies but I love buying them every year.

Do you remember picking out a new backpack, pencils, crayons, and enough glue sticks to last you all year? I remember going to the store with my mom and sisters to pick out our items, I always wanted the Lisa Franks supplies. But what I also remember are the years when my mom struggled to provide us with all the clothes and supplies we needed for the new school year. My father passed away when I was four and raising three girls alone wasn’t always financially easy for my mother. At the time I didn’t really understand why I couldn’t always get new supplies like most of the kids in my class. Or why I had to use my old pair of shoes and couldn’t get Sketchers like every other girl. Although those memories weren’t the best I try not to dwell on those hard times and instead use them as a way to teach my children the importance of giving back.

Earlier this year I learned about the Elmer’s Bag It Forward program and I knew right away that I wanted to participate. I also wanted to tell you about it and encourage you to take part of this small act that can make a big difference in a child’s life. Another way you can help is by checking out the Elmer’s 1st Day app. You can find a QR code on the back to school display that will take you right to the download page or find it in the app store.

The app is free and you can use it to capture memories of you child, whether it be their first day, their first sleepover, or soccer game. Every time you upload a picture Elmer’s will donate a school supply to the Kids in Need Foundation. Elmer’s has partnered with the Kids in Need Foundation to help ensure every child has the chance to succeed by providing them with necessary school supplies. We all take pictures of our kids on the first day of school right?  This really is the easiest way to help a child have the right tools to learn.

Right now is the best time to purchase school supplies for a fraction of the normal cost. Walmart has their Elmer’s Glue Sticks for 10 cents! You can also find 10 cent notebooks and folders. You can see all the deals I found on Google+. If you need any donation ideas check out my top ten back-to-school supplies here.

Knowing me I had to create something with this donation. I’ve been pinning a lot of crafty back-to-school inspiration and knew I wanted to make a school supply cake. I’ll have a tutorial for it soon, promise! It’s going to be my son’s teacher gift this upcoming school year. I know the students are provided with supplies at school but I thought this “cake” would be great for the teacher to give to students who are unable to purchase these items at home.

I also made a bag of supplies for a sweet little girl who means a lot to me. Her mother is currently unemployed and I know things are hard on them right now. I wanted to buy some necessary back to school supplies to help ease the financial stress off of her mother. I’m taking her to pick out a new backpack and lunch box next week. She’s doesn’t know about the supplies yet so it’ll be a surprise. My kids know and they’re so excited to give them to her, I’m afraid they’ll spill the beans. :)

The Bag It Forward program means a lot to me and I highly encourage you to participate. It can be a small donation of pencils, glue, paper, and a folder that will make a big impact to a child in need. If you write about it please send me a link, I’d love to help promote your post.

To learn more about the Bag It Forward program please visit Elmer’s on
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Striped Canvas Tote Bag

I’m back in California! Chicago was a lot of fun but we’re glad to be home and back to our normal routines. We had activities planned from 9am-9pm everyday, which was fun and exhausting at the same time. Between New York and Chicago within a 2 week period, I’m ready for life to get back to normal. The kids really enjoyed Chicago but there were a few things I wish I had planned better. One of those being bringing something for my daughter to play with while we waited for the bus/taxi/train. It’s not anything we’re used to so it didn’t cross my mind that my toddler would get bored while waiting. As soon as we got back home I thought of a great idea to keep my daughter entertain on an upcoming trip next month. I decorated a small canvas tote bag to carry books, toys, or crayons in.

This may be the easiest craft project I’ve made. I simply purchased a small tote bag then used paint markers to paint stripes on it. Before we left I went shopping for some Elmer’s Painters at Walmart. I was excited to find out
that they now sell the paint markers individually for $1.97, which means I can pick
and choose what color(s) I need without having to buy a whole pack. I had a hard time narrowing down my choices.

I drew lines about 3/4 of an inch apart not worrying too much about how straight they were. I also only used one coat of paint to make the tote look weathered. After the paint dried I glued on a fabric rosette with some fabric scraps I had lying around.

It’s the perfect size for her miniature princess dolls. She was excited when I gave it to her and hasn’t let it out of her sight since. I like it so much I plan to make a large tote for myself. Then we’ll have customized mother and daughter tote bags. #ExpressYourself

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