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White taper candles with red candle drips - how to make your own bleeding candles for a Halloween table
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DIY Bleeding Candles

How to make bleeding candles to add to your spooky Halloween decorations. Quick and easy Halloween craft that can be made in minutes but adds a big impact to your decor.
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Author Crystal


  • 3 white taper candles or black pillar candles
  • 1 red taper candle
  • 1 lighter
  • 1 sheet wax paper


  • Start by covering your work surface with wax paper, newspaper, or a disposable bag. This will help protect your table or counter and make cleanup up easy.
  • Place a white pillar candle on a candle holder. Note: this may also get covered with drops of red wax. I’d suggest using a candle holder from the dollar store or one of the small wooden holders from the craft store.
  • Light the red candle on fire and wait for the wax to start melting. Gently tip the red candle over the top of the white candle. Guide the red taper so that it drips on top of the white candle and then down the sides. Allow the candle wax to set for a few minutes before handling it.
  • Repeat the process with the black decorative candles. I switched between only adding red wax around the edge of the pillar candle and completely covering the top. Try the method you prefer best.