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Hi friends! How’s your week starting off? I took a few days off from blogging to enjoy some much needed family time. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and we can’t seem to get enough outdoor play. It’s Spring break here so we’re cherishing all this time with my oldest and having plenty of fun along the way. Yesterday we went on a family bike ride to a park nearby. We love our park time, but I think the only reason the kids want to go is to swing. I remember pushing my daughter on the exact swing that my now 8 month absolutely loves. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen my curly haired dude gigglin’ away as I pushed him on the swing. It’s also fun to watch my two older kids play together as they grow. Of course I have to get in there and chase them around the playground as well. :) Since it was my son’s official first day of Spring break I thought we’d celebrate and serve a fun dessert. This is where our Brownie & Twix Trifles come in…
 Brownies, caramel, Twix and COOL WHIP whipped topping layered in a pretty trifle dish..mmm don’t they look yummy? Yes the drizzle of caramel and Twix piece on top are totally necessary. ;)
 Like most of our desserts these are fairly easy to make. I simply cut up pieces of brownies and drizzled caramel sauce on top. I then chopped up mini Twix bars (yay for Easter candy being on sale!) and piped a layer of COOL WHIP. Tip: I like using Ziploc bags to pipe COOL WHIP, it’s light so I don’t have to worry about the bag breaking. Repeat with another layer of each ingredient then top with caramel sauce and a small piece of Twix for extra cuteness.
I love using COOL WHIP because it makes it easy to make everyday desserts. Like our Berry Trifle recipe I shared last year. These Twix Trifles are a little more rich than the Berry Trifles but oh so delicious. The kids shared one and loved it! My son asked if I could make him one for his birthday instead of a cake. I’d say this recipe is a definitely a keeper.
What are some of your family’s favorite desserts?
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    I love cool whip….always in my fridge! The recipe looks amazing……thanks for lingking up with the blog hop at Trendy Treehouse & Pine Creek Style, NeeCee

  2. says

    OMG! Twix and brownies together. Girl after my own heart. Visiting from TT&J. Love it so much I am pinning for future reference. Absolutely lovely photography too. Looks like it is straight out of a magazine!

  3. says

    Hi there, first time here at your wonderful blog, and those twix trifles look very yummy!! Going to go look around a bit more~Have a lovely day~

  4. Helen Harris says

    Can I ask… what is cool whip?? in Australia we have tins of whipped cream but not cool whip..


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