School Supply Cake Tutorial

Has it really been a month since I posted my school supply cake? Eeek sorry about the tutorial delay! Summer has been busy but a whole lot of fun, I hope you’ll understand. ;)

Today I finally sat down to give a quick recap on how I made the school supply cake.

I’m sure there are several ways to make school supply cakes but this is what I had on hand thought worked best. Another suggestion would be to use a pvc pipe or one of those 3 packs of tissue boxes as your base.


Note: I didn’t use the notebooks


I started by taking a packaging roll and wrapping the folders around in to give it a finished look. The rubber bands held them in place.

I wrapped the pencil boxes around the tube then added the crayons. I believe I used 5 pencil boxes and 7 crayon boxes. This will depend on the size of your center item, you may need more or less supplies. In the pic below you’ll see colored pencils but I replaced them with the dixon box of pencils (I’ll tell you why in a sec). Before you arrange your items pull the folders up so they cover the top of the tube if yours is longer like mine was. I learned the hard way and did it AFTER I had everything in place, definitely not recommended. ;)

Next were the school glue bottles. By folding the pencil boxes down a little it provided the perfect base for the glue bottles to sit on. I removed the colored pencil boxes because they weren’t the same size and made them uneven. As you can see everything is held together with rubber bands. Make sure they are thick enough to hold your supplies steady. I finished it off by adding glue sticks on the top, for extra security I applied foam mounting tape under the glue sticks which has worked great!

Then add ribbon and you’re done!

But of course I always have to add something so to make it even cuter I used the Lifestyle Crafts pennants die and Canvas Corp chalkboard paper to make a banner. I hot glued it onto twine and tied it on the rulers. Super cute, right? It’s my favorite part of this whole cake! :)

So are you ready for the new school year? My son starts on Monday and I’m so not ready for him to go back! We’re celebrating my daughter’s birthday tomorrow so it’s going to be a fun last weekend of Summer!

Thanks for stopping by!

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