Sock Bunny (Easter Crafts for Kids)

With Easter less than a week away it was time for me to finish preparing the kids Easter baskets. We are keeping their baskets simple, with a few Spring break craft activities and these adorable little sock bunnies. If you’re looking for a cute and easy handmade gift to add to their Easter basket then this tutorial is just for you! This quick and easy sock bunny tutorial is the perfect last minute Easter craft that you can make for the kids or with them.

Easy sock bunny tutorial

Easter approached rather quickly this year, didn’t it? I think that’s what happens with most holidays now though. As a child you wait and wait for a holiday to come, the excitement making it feel as if it never will. But as an adult it seems as if they come right after another all too quickly. Or maybe that’s just me? But I’d like to take the week to really enjoy this holiday with the kids, its perhaps one of the most important for us. I know sock bunnies do not represent the true meaning of Easter but I do like to mix in a little bunny and egg-coloring fun into the holiday.

These little cuties were inspired by the sock bunnies on Spoonful. I actually shared those on here two years ago back when the site was called Family Fun. We are big Family Fun Magazine readers and always enjoy their creative craft ideas for kids. I’ve been receiving the magazine since my oldest was little and every month we try to make at least one craft from the magazine.

Sock Bunny Tutorial

To make sock bunnies you will need:

a small sock


large pom pom

moveable eyes


clear rubber bands


Step one

Fill your sock with about a cup of rice, depending on the size of your sock. Tie clear rubber bands twice to create a head, one on the neck and one on top of the head.

sock bunny tutorial

Step two

Cut a contrasting piece of felt to create a “belly” for the bunny, glue onto sock using tacky glue or hot glue.

Step three

Glue eyes, teeth (a tiny square piece of felt cut down the middle that resemble teeth), pom pom on the back, and a nose (small rounded triangle piece of felt). Tie a bow around the sock bunny.

sock bunny tutorial

Step four

Cut the top of the sock in half to create ears on the sock bunny. Snip off the corners to make the ears slightly rounded.

sock bunnies


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