Washi tape mason jars

Hi friends! Today’s post is a bit random but I do have a few great deals to tell you about. I’ve had some computer issues (see below) but I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun craft project to share.

-I’ll start off by saying my love for washi tape continues. I’m putting it on everything I can think of. This weekend I wrapped it around some mason jars and now I have cute flower vases. The best part is that I can remove it whenever I like and reuse the mason jars for another project.

FYI Michael’s has their washi tape on sale for $2.50 this week. Yes, I totally picked up a couple more rolls. Not that I needed it but at that price who could resist? Oh and a reader told me she found some at Walmart for $1! My Walmart doesn’t carry it but check to see if yours does. 

-iPhoto is completely erased from my Mac. I had a minor panic attack when I first discovered this. All 10,000 pictures from my daughters birth on are on this computer. I may have cried a little worrying I had lost them all. Pictures mean the world to me. I know someday I’ll forget things and I want those pictures as a reminder of the good times we had with the children. Luckily the images are still there but viewing/organizing them is a mess right now. 99% of them are not labeled meaning most of them are named IMG_736.jpg. Do you know how hard it is looking for a certain picture when they’re all named nearly the same thing? To make matters worse, no one within an hour of me works with Apple products. But I’m determined to figure it out and keep a positive attitude along the way.


Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back tomorrow to share my latest project. It involves paint and food. Any guess on what it might be?



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    Oh no Crystal! I actually did erase all of my pictures–luckily before my son was born, but I still miss those pics on my computer! :) I know the panic attack that comes with that!! I love your mason jars with washi tape. Absolutely gorgeous as always!

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    Stopping by from Blog Stalking Thursday- glad you got most of your pics back, that had to be stressful! Great idea for using washi tape, I think my favorite part is that it’d be so easy to coordinate with different flowers! Stop by and visit my site if you’d like!

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    Those flowers are so pretty and the mason jars with washi tape is a wonderful and easy idea! Thanks for sharing! Oh and I tried and tried to find washi tape at my Micheals… but they don’t have it at mine! :( Maybe soon though!

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    I so have to get some of this Washi tape. The one on your mason jar is so beautiful., The colors fit right in with my color theme. So heading to Michael s’ to buy some, hope it’s still on sale. Your flowers vase is so pretty and simple, the best! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best Par.tay.

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    I’m so sorry to hear about your pictures. That has happened to me b4…it is so frustrating! I love the quote you posted though…think I am going to have to follow and pin it…hope you don’t mind. ;)


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