Mystery Braid Bracelet Tutorial

How to make a mystery braid bracelet tutorial. 

How to make a mystery braid bracelet

Happy Friday, friends! Today I’m sharing with you my latest crafty obsession…Mystery Braid Bracelets! Yesterday I shared a picture on instagram and several people asked what the mystery is. The mystery behind the bracelet is that the braid is made without any loose ends. Still confused? Don’t worry I have pictures to show you exactly what I’m talking about. This mystery braid bracelet tutorial is easy to follow and you can find the supplies at your local craft store or on Amazon with this Mystery Braid Bracelet Kit.
How to make a mystery braid bracelet

To try to make this tutorial easy to follow I’m going refer to the strands as 1, 2, 3 and left, right, center.

Update: I made a quick video tutorial. I hope this helps! :)

Step one

Take the bottom of your bracelet and flip it inside of strands 2 and 3 (you are moving it away from you). The strands will be twisted on the bottom.

Step two

Braid left strand over center, right strand over center, and left strand over center again. Now you’re going to flip the bottom of the bracelet in between strands 1 and 2. This will eliminate the twist at the bottom of your bracelet and flatten it out.

Step three

Braid right strand over the center, left strand over the center, and right strand over the center again. Repeat the the first step by flipping the bottom of the bracelet in between strands 2 and 3. You will now have a “twisted bottom” again.

Step four

Repeat steps two and and three until you can no longer braid and your strands are flat. This means that you will end braiding by flipping the bottom of the bracelet between strands 1 and 2, so that the entire bracelet is flat without any twisted strands.

How to make a mystery braid

Each bracelet was different for me, some were easy to make tight braids with and others only used a few braided sections (like the brown bracelets shown). It took me several tries to figure it out, but with a little practice you’ll be a pro at making mystery braid bracelets in no time!

In case you’re wondering you can find the leather bracelets at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Amazon


If you have any questions feel free to email me apumpkinandaprincess {at} gmail and I’d be happy to help.

How to make a mystery braid bracelet

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  1. says

    These have actually been on my list of crafty stuff to try…unfortunately I never get to that list anymore because I’m always baking. Yours turned out so cute. I will have to get to Hobby Lobby and find some of those leather bracelets.

  2. Lisa M says

    I remember making these in Girl Scouts!! Many many moons ago! Thanks for the reminder and the how to; it’s been so long I had forgotten how to do them . I’m going to share this tutorial with my 9 and 12 yr old daughters!

  3. says

    We made these for cub scouts and I ended up making most of them. They are really cool, this step by step would have been helpful that day!

  4. says

    cute! I recently started following you on instagram and saw this. Feel free to follow me back! I have mine set to private so you have to request a follow but I accept requests. @BexInTheCountry :)

  5. Sheila Bennett says

    Finally got some of my creative juices flowing. I love the bracelet and will be trying it soon. I saw an infinity scarf with a portion of it braided. At the time my brain needed a little juice, l guess’ because I couldn’t come up with a design I could enjoy. Not so today. I am going to try this using a t shirt strip and add a button hole and button on the ends. Or maybe just a nice pin. Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!

  6. says

    Beautiful bracelet! Great tutorial too! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays.
    New Follower!

    Take Care,

  7. Debbie says

    Oohw my, it looks like magic, but it’s so easy when you know how…..!!
    Thank you for sharing!!
    Grtz. Debbie

  8. Kevon says

    These are great…. About 35 years ago braided belts were VERY popular, It is the process as making bracelets, except you are working with a longer piece of leather. So fun and so easy once you get the flip-through part right. Enjoy everyone and happy mystery braiding to all!

  9. Karen W. says

    This is the best tutorial i saw ! My daughter is have trouble though at the end it shows the rough side when she used the smooth she said this tutorial was the only one that makes sense ( Ha Ha )

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