Easy Two-Ingredient DIY Lip Gloss

Hey crafty friends, I have another homemade beauty post today…a DIY lip gloss tutorial using only two ingredients! This homemade lip gloss keeps your lips moisturized while adding a hint of color and shimmer just in time for Summer!

DIY Lip gloss tutorial

My daughter has recently become fascinated with lip gloss, well makeup in general. I’m not surprised though since she’s as girly as can be and loves dressing up. Every once in awhile I catch her wearing my Burt’s Bees lip gloss so I knew it was time to get her some lip gloss of her own. She was thrilled when I told her I made her lip gloss then asked if she could keep it in her purse. See what I mean? Total girly girl!

I used un-petroleum jelly for this homemade lip gloss because it’s made with plant oils and beeswax. The jelly soothes and softens your lips while leaving them moisturized for hours. To make this as safe as possible for my daughter I used Wilton’s pearl dust for an edible shimmer effect. If you prefer to make this lip gloss without shimmer you can use color dust which is basically the same without the sparkle..but who doesn’t like a little bit of sparkle?

DIY Lip GlossSupplies:

Un-Petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly

Wilton’s Pearl dust

Bead or Cosmetic Containers

Homemade Lip Gloss

To make the lip gloss I used about a tablespoon of un-petroleum jelly and mixed it with the pearl dust. I didn’t measure the dust, I simply sprinkled it in until I achieved the desired color. My favorite is the gold pearl dust lip gloss, it’s almost clear with a pretty shimmer.

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DIY Lip Gloss Tutorial


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