Monsters University Party Ideas: Mike Wazowski Juice Boxes

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Monsters University is out today! Are you excited? We are BIG Monsters Inc fans and have been looking forward to the new movie since last year. To celebrate the release of Monsters University the kids and I have been making Mike and Sulley crafts all week long.

Mike Wazowski Crafts - Juice Boxes

Monsters Inc was my oldest son’s favorite movie when he was little and it’s now my 2 year old’s favorite.In fact, that and Cars are the only movies he will sit down and watch. We decided last Fall that he would have a Monsters Inc birthday party and I can’t wait to see it come together next month!

Monsters University Party Ideas

I bought the giant sully at Disneyland for my oldest when he was two and it’s now my two years old’s toy. He loves his Sulley doll and I was thrilled to find him a Mike Wazowski doll too. We picked up all of these fun Monsters University items at Walmart just in time for the movie release. The Juicy Juice fruitifuls and other select packages have a game code you can use on the Juicy Juice website to enter to win a family trip to Pixar Studios and a $5,000 scholarship!

Monsters University Party

To make the Mike Wazowski juice boxes you will need:

juice box

Green Duck Tape

hole punch

vinyl or paper

circle punch

Step one: Remove the straw from the back of the juice. Start by hole punching a hole where the straw should go on the top. Place a strip of green duck tape over the top of the juice box.

Step two: Cover the sides of the juice box starting from one end, under the bottom and to the other side of the juice box. The front and back should be the only exposed sides at this point.

Step three: Repeat the same method by wrapping the duck tape from the front to the back of the juice box.

Step four: Place vinyl circle cutouts for the eye.

Monsters Inc Crafts - Mike Juice Boxes

In honor of the release we had a monstrous picnic outside for Madi and Zach.

Monsters University Party Ideas

Monsters Inc Party Ideas

 You’ll definitely see a few more Monsters Inc party ideas in the next few weeks!

Mike Wazowski Crafts - Juice Boxes

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    Adorable!! I think that I would rather do a cup so that he could drink out of again and again because once it was so cute, my son would want me to refill it again :) I tried to get him to watch the first movie but he still thinks that it is a little scary. I hope to see the second one but I am not holding out hope for my 4 year old :)

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