Craft Supplies Cubby Organizer

Craft room organization ideas – cubby organizer for craft supplies. 

Craft Cubby OrganizerThe beginning of a new year always motivates me to declutter and organize every inch of our home. Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on organizing my craft supplies. Trust me, that’s no easy feat. You’d be surprised by how many supplies you accumulate over the years as a blogger. I desperately need a whole room dedicated as an office/craft room. Since we don’t have any immediate plans to sell our current home, I’ve taken over half of our master bedroom in the meantime. I’m still putting a few finishing touches but I plan to share a “craft room” reveal soon. For now I want to share an easy way to organize craft paint. Accessing my paint supply has been a major issue considering I have a couple hundred bottles stored in clear containers in another room. I usually have to dig through the clear storage bins to find the right color and then package everything back. It’s become a hassle and I’ve tried to find a way to keep some of my most used colors within reach. This month our #MichaelsMakers challenge involved our craft space. While perusing the wood section at Michaels I came across this unfinished MDF cubby organizer and knew it was exactly what I needed!

Craft Supply Cubby Organizer

Since the cubby organizer was unfinished I decided to spray it white. I considered a mint or coral color but I’ll share more about my craft space color scheme in another post. For now I thought the colors of the paint would really pop against the white. I couldn’t be happier to have found this cubby organizer. I bought the smaller cubby size as well and plan to share what I did with it next week.

Craft Room Organization

I grouped a handful of each color into the cubbies and stored some of my most used chalky finish paint on the bottom. In case you’re wondering all of my paints are DecoArt. You can find the entire line, including the chalky finish paint, at Michaels.

Cubby Organizer

Craft Paint Organizing Ideas

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