Halloween OREO Candy Bark

Sweet and salty Halloween Oreo candy bark made with pretzels, candy corn, edible monster eyes, and sprinkles.

Halloween Candy Bark

Happy Friday, my friends! Can you feel it? Halloween is just around the corner. I was recently talking to a friend about holidays and how we, as bloggers, create projects for them so far in advance that once the holiday arrives we’re already focused on the next one. Things are always so fast paced and sometimes it’s hard to stop to appreciate the holiday before brainstorming what’s next. For example, I’ve been working on Halloween stuff for the past month and I’m already thinking of Christmas. I’m trying to not let myself get too far ahead, especially since I have some pretty fun Halloween posts to share in the beginning of October. One thing I am looking forward to is our Halloween costume party in a few weeks. We’ve invited our closest friends for a full day of Halloween games, pumpkin decorating, and Halloween treats. This Halloween candy bark will definitely be among our party food table.
Halloween OREO Candy Bark If you haven’t noticed, we love candy bark! It’s so easy to make and you can add just about anything you’d like to it. For this Halloween bark recipe I used Halloween OREOS (love the orange filling), sprinkles, pretzels to add a bit of salt to cut down the sweetness, mini edible eyes, and candy down in this fun orange, yellow and purple color. I like to use Ghirardelli melting chocolate because of the flavor and how easy it melts. If you’ve ever worked with white chocolate you know how temperamental it can be. The Ghirardelli melting wafers are smooth and easy to pour. For this recipe you can make a small batch using one bag or fill a large baking sheet with two bags of chocolate wafers.

Halloween OREO Candy Corn Bark

Halloween OREO Candy Bark
Sweet and salty Halloween OREO candy bark made with white chocolate, pretzels, candy corn, sprinkles, edible eyes, and OREO cookies.
  • 12 ounces white chocolate
  • 6-8 Halloween OREO cookies
  • 1 cup pretzels
  • ½ cup candy corn
  • sprinkles
  • edible eyes
  1. Melt chocolate over a double boiler or in microwave according to package.
  2. In the meantime, spread broken OREO cookies, pretzels, and candy corn over a parchment paper covered baking sheet.
  3. Pour melted chocolate on top, spread with spatula if necessary. Add additional candy corn and OREO if desired. Top with sprinkles and edible eyes.
  4. Chill in refrigerator until chocolate had set.

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  1. Lucia esposito says

    Hi – love the candy bark – it’s so festive! Can you tell me who makes the candy corn with the purple tips? Thank you !

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