Patriotic Paper Chain

While going through my scrapbook paper I found this striped red and white paper and thought hmmm what can we make with this? I paired it with a blue sheet and came up with this idea.
The kids loved putting on the star stickers.
I had pictures of the kids and I making it but if you follow me on Facebook you seen that I broke my memory card right after we finished. So I had to retake these pictures and lost everything on the other card :(
The kids are enjoying tearing off a chain each day. Madi doesn’t quite understand what we’re counting down to but that’s ok.
I also made a simple star garland a few weeks ago. Really easy and festive.
Another patriotic craft the kids enjoyed are these popsicle stick flags
popsicle stick flags
I also want to say thank you for all the tips on potty training. So far things are going well :)
Check back tomorrow to see what miniature dessert we made last night.


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