Glitter Easter Eggs

Spring is officially here and it’s put me in the Easter crafting mood. The other day my favorite 2 1/2 year old and I made a trip to the craft store. We browsed the Easter aisle without a definite purpose. I do this far too often. Making random trips to the craft store and always finding something I need seems to be a hobby of mine. But that’s besides the point. 

We came across these white wooden eggs and with only two packs left I knew we had to get them. So I scrambled trying to figure out how we could decorate them. Mod Podge fabric onto them? Nah. Paint them? Maybe. Glitter them? Yes! Then I remembered seeing a picture of glitter polka dot eggs on pinterest. After many misleading pins, I found that the original idea comes from Better Homes and Garden. Our trip suddenly had purpose and we walked across the store in search of glitter.
We used Elmer’s Glue Spots, fine glitter, white wooden eggs found at Hobby Lobby.
My daughter and I had fun making these. I helped her apply
the glue spots but they’re a great craft to make with children because
there’s no glue involved. No glue = less mess to clean up. Score!
Granted she did get glitter everywhere but who doesn’t love a little
shine? :)
We even played around with different glitter colors. I was trying to go for the ombre look but I’m not sure how successful it turned out. To make it we applied one row of glue spots and glitter at a time. You’ll have glitter all over the egg but this can easily be cleaned up with a q-tip or your finger (which I found worked best).
Have you started making Easter Crafts? What are some of your favorite Easter crafts to make with your kids? 
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