Easter Egg Crafts: Flower Glitter Easter Eggs

Making Easter egg crafts with the kids is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Every year we try to create a new Easter egg project along with our normal egg dyeing routine. These pretty Flower Glitter Easter Eggs are a spinoff of our glitter polka dot Easter Eggs we made last year.

Easter Egg Crafts

The kids loved glittering eggs with glue dots last year! Since I’m really enjoying working with double-sided adhesive lately I thought I would have the kids punch out flower shapes to decorate white wooden eggs with. We found the painted wooden eggs at Hobby Lobby and they were perfect for this craft.

Creative Easte Egg Crafts


Wooden eggs

double-sided adhesive sheets

Martha Stewart glitter



Flower Glitter Easter Eggs Tutorial:

1. Punch flower shapes out of double-sided adhesive sheets.

2. Peel backing off of the flower shapes (leave the top layer on until you’re ready to glitter).

3. Once you have all of the flowers in place remove the top layer of the adhesive and pour glitter on each shape. If you are using multiple glitter colors only glitter a few shapes at a time to avoid blending the colors.

4. Use a brush to remove the excess glitter.

This is an easy Easter egg craft that the kids will enjoy and you can use in your decor year after year. However if you simply change your mind you can easily remove the adhesive and start with a blank canvas all over again!

Creative Easter Egg Craft Ideas

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