Washi Tape Puzzles

Last week was Spring break for us. I took a small step back from the blog and all that it entails to really make the most of our week off. It was just what this momma’s heart needed! Due to a major fail on my part (I planned a family trip and didn’t realize until the day before that the location has actually been closed for months while its being relocated), we made the most of it with a staycation. All week long we spent our days at the local zoo, arcade, and crafting a new project every day. One of our projects was to make washi tape puzzles!

Washi tape puzzles

A couple of my daughters favorite craft supplies are paint and washi tape. Yes, washi tape! Hmm I wonder where she gets that from? ;) So when we picked up an unfinished wood puzzle at the craft store I knew exactly what to do with it.

washi tape puzzle tutorial

The kids chose bright and colorful Apple Barrel paints for their puzzles. We always have Apple Barrel paints on hand because they’re  great all-purpose acrylic paints and dry quickly. I don’t know about you but my kids are always anxious to pick up their projects so I like the quick dry time.

how to make a washi tape puzzle  To make the washi tape puzzles I had my son paint the border of the puzzles in pink and blue. The grey puzzle is actually a washi tape sheet. He also painted one of the puzzles white since washi tape is semi-transparent. Once the pant was dry I carefully added a washi tape sheet on top of the puzzle pieces. I then cut the pieces out with an x-acto knife.

We used the Mod Podge washout formula to seal the puzzle..love this stuff! It’s basically the same as the regular gloss Mod Podge only it washes out of clothing and furniture with soap and water, basically a mother’s (and teacher’s) best friend!

How to make a washi tape puzzle

For the pink puzzle I traced the puzzle pieces along the back of a piece of scrapbook paper and cut each piece out. I then used a small amount of Mod Podge to glue the paper on and once that dried I added Mod Podge on top to seal it. A little washi tape along the border and we were done. I like how the pink paint shows through the washi tape and how bright the puzzles are. It was the perfect Spring break craft!

Washi Tape Puzzle

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  1. Crystal says

    What a great idea and so cute!! I love Washi tape and amazed at how many things you can create using it. Thanks for the great idea!!

  2. says

    Very cute, I’m sure your kids love playing with these too! I didn’t realize you could buy washi tape sheets, very exciting!!! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from TT&J :)


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