You’re The Best, POP Father’s Day Printable

Father’s Day is next weekend, are you ready? Today I’m sharing a free Father’s Day printable for the special dad in your life! This “You’re the best, POP” printable tag is great for adding to a soda, popcorn, or lollipops. My hubs loves soda so I thought it would be fun to create a printable tag that the kids could use with their gifts to dad.

You're the best, POP Soda Printable I’ll admit I’m finally getting into the mustache trend. Ahhh I said I never would! But the kids think it’s hilarious and I couldn’t help myself with Father’s Day right around the corner. We even die cut a bunch of mustaches in various sizes to use as confetti and part of our gift wrap. Are you a fan of the mustache trend? It’s been around for a while now and like most trends I usually resist until it’s all over the place and then decide I like it when everyone’s getting over it..ha! Just like the chevron trend a few years ago I insisted on never liking it but alas i gave in. But I think mustaches should always be allowed for Father’s Day. :)

I showed you a sneak peak of the printable in my S’mores Bar Display using a World Market soda but since the hubs enjoyed the soda already I decided to pair it with a classic coco cola soda bottle for his gift. Luckily he hasn’t seen the printable tag and if he has I’m sure he’ll still act like he hasn’t. Such a good sport he is living with a blogging wife. :)

This is my first time sharing a printable, please let me know if you encounter any issues with it as I’m still learning. I made the printable 8.5 x 11 sheet with 6 tags. If you need the tags slightly bigger or smaller you can adjust the size in word. Click here for the printable tag.

Free Father's Day Printable

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  1. Elizabeth says

    So very cute! The kids can’t wait to make them for daddy today. How exactly did you make the fan behind it?

  2. DevanBee says

    This is the greatest! I am going to use this for our Sunday School craft and wrap it around a package of microwave popcorn! Thanks for sharing this great craft!

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