Rose Milk Bath Bomb

DIY Rose and Milk Bath Bomb – rose petal and rose oil infused bath bomb made with dry milk that helps nourish and moisturize skin. 
DIY Rose Milk Bath Bomb

Hey crafty friends! Can you believe it’s already May? Where is the time going! We’re getting to that stage where the kids are anxious for summer break to start. To be honest I’m even more excited to have them home. We still have a month left so I’m trying to enjoy the quiet time before we get there. I’m also still focusing on Mother’s Day coming up. This year for Mother’s Day I’m making a pampering gift basket (mom, if you’re reading this stop right here!). I decided I’m a little crazy and want to make 7 different bath bombs, one for each day of the week. We also just got a Sephora in JC Penny today so I’ll be taking her for a full makeover shopping adventure. I’m excited! I went this morning for the grand opening and there were over 600 people in line…so I literally walked right out. This is a big deal for our small town so I’ll wait until the hype dies down. In the meantime I’ll share a couple of the bath bomb recipes I’m including in my Mother’s Day gift basket. This Rose Milk Bath Bomb is one I’ve been working on perfecting for a few weeks now and I’m excited to share it with you today!

DIY Rose Bath Bomb

This bath bomb recipe is something I’ve been thinking about for few month’s now. After a recent trip to Lush I saw that they had a rose and soy milk bath bomb and instantly fell in love! I knew I wanted to create my own with the addition of milk powder. The bath bomb is made with dried rose petals, milk powder, and rose essential oil. The milk powder gives your skin a silky soft feel while the rose essential oil enhances the rose petal fragrance. I’ve included Amazon affiliate links below to where you can find the supplies online.

Mini Bath Bomb Fizzies

1 cup baking soda
½ cup Citric Acid
½ cup cornstarch
¼ cup Dry Milk
3 tablespoons Epsom salt
handful dried rose petals
1 teaspoon water
3-4 teaspoons Almond Oil
15-20 drops Rose oil

I made a quick video tutorial with the updated recipe. Hope this helps! :)

Step one: In a large bowl combine baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, milk powder, and Epsom salt. Add rose petals that have been cut into small pieces.

Step two: in a small cup or bowl stir together water, almond oil, and rose essential oil.

Step three: combine wet ingredients with dry mixture. Test mixture by grabbing a handful and making a fist. If it holds it’s shape it’s ready to be placed in the mold. If it’s too dry (the mixture crumbles once you open your fist) use a spray bottle to LIGHTLY spray water 1-2 times, until you can form a shape. Do not overspray or the mixture will begin to fizz and not form correctly.

Rose Petal Bath BombStep four: use plastic ornament molds to make the bath bombs. I like to over fill each half then press them together until the excess falls out. This way you’ll have a compact bath bomb that won’t fall apart when you open the mold. You can also use silicone molds to make small bath bombs. This recipe make 3 medium bath bombs or 2 medium and 8 small bath bomb fizzies.

Bath Bomb Mold

Step five: leave bath bombs to dry overnight before removing from mold. Allow them to dry on a towel for a few hours before using or wrapping.

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    These look amazing and just in time for Mother’s Day. I think they would make lovely gifts! Thanks so much for sharing!

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