That Time My Site Was Down…

So last week/this weekend didn’t go as I had planned. I had so much going on and posts planned through the weekend..then my site was attacked. Umm yeah, if you tried to visit sometime last week you might have noticed. Apparently some started having issues with it as early as Tuesday but I didn’t become aware of the problem until Friday morning.  The ad network I was a part of used a third party with a malware ad which affected my site. I read somewhere that some 10,000 + blogs were affected because of it. Google blocked my site, which was a nightmare! Luckily I was able to find out about the issue from a few other bloggers on a facebook group who were having the same problem. I removed the ad, deactivated my account with the network and finally had my block released from Google late Saturday night. I’m pretty sure I cried happy tears when I read on my webmaster tools that Google did not find any malware on A Pumpkin & A Princess. It was a HUGE sigh of relief to know the whole ordeal was over with.

I want to say THANK YOU to all my readers who took the time to email and facebook message me letting me know you were having problems with my site. I am seriously blown away with everyone’s support, thank you it means a lot knowing someone is reading this little ol’ blog of mine. :)

I also couldn’t have made it past this whole ordeal without the support of my awesome friends who were so supportive during those stressful days and my husband (the biggest supporter of my blog) who kept me smiling throughout all of it.

So now I’m back! I have some fun posts coming up this week too. I have a few crafts to share including a Halloween one using Mod Podge, a recipe I wasn’t able to share last week, and an Avengers themed family night.

In case you missed it there’s an awesome Silhouette CAMEO promotion going on right now. You can read about it {here} and the link to purchase with the discount code {PUMPKIN} is


There’s also a $50 VISA gift card and Raisinets gift basket giveaway going {here}.


And last but not least the Lifestyle Crafts giveaway winner has been announced.

Congratulations Jamie C.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad to be back. :)



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    Glad You’re back too.. I’ve just returned to blogspot myself after more than 2 months away. Didn’t know/hear about the ad network issue until I read this post. Sadly those who cause issues like that, the real culprit, often get off easily, untraceable perhaps..

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